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The Shows in the West Are Cooling Down, But Here They Are Heating Up! Tokyo Fashion Week and More..


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Although the American and European fashion runways have gone cold for the season, those here in Asia…and especially Japan, are just warming up!




Kansai Yamamoto Streaming Fashion Show

Ok, but first here is a special mention and “save the date” notice. THE legendary designer Kansai Yamamoto will be presenting a show in the UK to coincide with his exhibit “Fashion in Motion: Kansai Yamamoto” at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The show will be *streamed* twice on Nov 1st with more details forthcoming. 

Of course, i`m going to supprt my bud Kansai, I am collaborating with him for a VERY special project that I am so excited about, but not enough details are available yet to release anything. Look out for it to drop in January!

でもその話の前にお知らせしときたいのは、こちら山本寛斎さんのロンドンで行われるショーを生配信でおくることが決定!山本寛斎展”Moving in Fashion”はあの伝説的なギャラリー、Victoria & Albert Museum で開催されます。11月1日ショーのストリーミング詳細は後日公開されます!


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TouchMe/ Afterparties

I think everyone knows that when it comes to production quality, music, buzz, and sheer numbers, the TouchMe shows that are going on this Friday and Saturday are TOP. I can’t wait to see Murua (who has Kate Lanphear styling again!), Jouetie, Gyda, Emoda and ElianeGigi on the runway again. But even better are the afterparties, which take over the entire city holding out the best party spaces and clubs.

I will be at the MURUA afterparty as usual in the best club in the city, VISION. I`ll be doing my thang on the DJ set from midnight in the white room so come check it out! If you have my contact, hit me for guestlist.

タッチミーの時期がやってきました!やはり、ショーのクオリティー、音楽、照明、話題性そして来場数からして、こっちが東京でのTOPイベント!金土二日に渡って開催されるMurua, Jouetie, Gyda, Emoda, ElianeGigiなどの新コレクションをランウェイで見るのはいつも楽しみ(ちなみにMuruaは前と同様、あの素敵なKate Lanphearさんを起用してスタイリングをしてもらってるっぽい!)。それよりも(?!)アフターパーティ!こっちは渋谷らへんのベストなクラブをすべて貸切ってビッグパーティーを開催してる。 私はMuruaのアフター、VISIONにいる予定です!00:00−25:00ホワイトルームでDJしてるので、遊びにきてください

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 5.10.10 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 5.10.27 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 5.14.47 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 5.13.04 AM


Tokyo Fashion Week Mon Oct 14-sat 19th

And finally, the main event! Tokyo Fashion Week kicks off on Monday the 14th and ends with the Shibuya Fashion Festival on Saturday. What am I looking forward to? Anrealage, Mintdesigns, Alice Auaa, Dressedundressed, Christian Dada, Fleamadonna, Nozomi Ishiguro, Yoshio Kubo and more…. Come as you are, just make sure you look good.

そしてメインのイベント!東コレのこと、東京ファッションウィークが来週月曜日にキックオフ!私が期待してるのって?Anrealage, Mintdesigns, Alice Auaa, Dressedundressed, Christian Dada, Fleamadonna, Nozomi Ishiguro, Yoshio Kuboなど!自分らしくしてきてください(ただしその自分というのはファビュラスなら★)


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