New York City | ニューヨーク

Garden among the gravestones. Thom Browne womens 2015 SS. トムブラウンはザ・ファッション!プリティな墓地を背景にした例外のカラフルな春夏2015年。

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It was flowers before death, with Thom Browne’s  SS 2015 collection (I’m letting my mind project to Spring now since it’s actually marrow-chillingly cold now). But this lovely scene painted a photo of 6 sisters, each with a distinctly odd personality. The girls paraded in a square around what appeared to be a lovely spot to just have a picnic. But that was no park- it was the prettiest graveyard you’ve never seen.

New York tends to work the fashion industry with “extra credit”, in that the clothes tend to take a back seat to the celebrity, the after parties, and the gossip. The fashion- more or less, is a lot of sportswear and lifestyle brands that are projecting an image of adventure and comfort (while Paris is more about fantasy and luxury).

But when it comes to Thom Browne, it is another world. It is the feast, it is the cake, and it is every cherry on top….

花よりトムブラウン!トムブラウンの2015ssコレクションは、まるで散る事を知らずに鮮やかに咲き乱れる散り際の花。(最近寒すぎるからせめて脳内だけでも…と春モードに。) これは、6人の姉妹のストーリー。ひとりひとりが風変わりなパーソナリティを持つ。姉妹はピクニックをしに、四角く囲まれた公園へぞろぞろと入ってきた。…いや、そこは公園なんかじゃなかった。今まで見た事のないような史上最強にプリティーな墓地だった。