Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

“あの頃の未来”と”現実”そこからうまれるハイファッションとは?スターウォーズとのコラボを実現したミュベール2015年秋冬。With a high-fashion Star Wars collab, Muveil 2015 AW dresses us in the retro days of tomorrow

muveil 2015 aw collection


白 い肌に白い眉、尖った耳をもったエルフのメタリックなミュベールの戦闘着と、それとは対照的にデニムやスタジャンなどカジュアルなアイテムにスターウォー ズのyoda、R2D2、C3POを忍ばせたミュベールワークの”実は戦闘服”。おしゃれを楽しむだけで女は何倍も頑張れる。

近未来的妖精、テクノエルフとスターウォーズの仲間たちを引き連れてレトロフューチャー合戦に加わったのはそう、ミュベール秋冬2015 -16年。

It’s been a helluva few weeks, turning what was suppose to be a quiet, rather blase summer into a whirlwind of challenges and adventures. It’s a fight of will and finding a way, culminating into what shall be a personal fight of intergalactic proportions. With that said, here are some clothes which may provide me a winning chance, and a kick of The Force for extra power.

See the pale, alien-ating hue of face, pointy ears and metallic accents, along with some familiar…but peculiar faces: Yoda, R2D2, C3PO and more.  This is a clash of Muveil’s odd sense of humor which injects strange bedfellows into quite “lovely” designs of clothing. They’ve done it with The Gremlins prior, and this time they’ve created some “techno elfin girls” and married them into the Star Wars clan for a retro-futuristic take on Muveil 2015 AW.

muveil work 2015aw collection