Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

SHIROMA×加茂克也が魅せる無常の美 Shiroma taps hair master Katsuya Kamo for 2017 SS





In kimono, the point where you cross one side of the robe over to the other is called “kashukuru”, which comes from the French “cache coeur” or “crossover the heart”. It refers to an asymmetrical design where one side is placed on top of the other, even in a cardigan or coat (for extra credit, make sure it’s always the left on top, as the right on top signifies a funeral). This “kashukuru” style of design takes on many forms of art in Japan, not just in fashion, but as well as in traditional architecture, or even ikebana flower arrangement. Basically, the idea is that asymmetry is beautiful.

Shiroma is a Japanese design house that takes asymmetry to another level. Almost all of their designs contain a mix and layering of textiles in an asymmetrical way. It’s all highly calculated and generally subdue in color.

For their 2017 SS collection, they teamed up with Japanese hair artist master Kamo Katsuya to enhance even further the “imperfect balance is beautiful” design ethos to great success.