Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

禁断の恋のようなどきどきするコレクション、2017春夏チカキサダ Taste forbidden love with Rekisami and Chika Kisada 2017 SS




Chika Kisada (とRekisamiの) デザイナー、Kisadaさんは、パンクとバレエを融合するということをブランドコンセプトにかかげ、コレクションを作り続けてきた。


Judging people upon a glance is not easy. I find it’s even more difficult in Japan, where people don’t really make their true colors obvious.

For example, there are people in head to toe black, but in fact they’re very bright and sociable. Then there are girls and boys in colorful childlike clothing who are into the deepest darkest subcultures. Fashion is certainly a way to build likeminded communities, but not everyone wants to hang out with people who look just like them. Instead, fashion can be a bridge to other genres and points of view.

Rekisami (and Chika Kisada) designer Chika Kisada has been designing clothes as a veteran ballet dancer, but with a punk spirit (she woman herself has had some major ink done and she doesn’t hide it. “I don’t think I could ever be a ballerina with the tattoo now right?!” She laughed. I think she totally should). And the 2017 SS collection is a pitch perfect blend of elegant finishes and rusty edges.

chika kisada 2017ss collection

Best Japanese Brands 2016 | 最強日本ブランド 2016年保存版

ファッション界にななめから切り込む。歪みの美学、レキサミとチカキサダ。From ballerina to designer, Chika Kisada of REKISAMI

rekisami 2016-17 aw collection

新しいフィールドで力強く生きるデザイナーChika Kisada。彼女のフィルターを通して作り出される世界には切なさがある。


I have been furiously flipping through the lookbook pages of fashion portals online as of late, looking for something to satisfy the craving to wear something conceptual and stronger than what has been making the rounds. Many Japanese designers have been compelled (or forced) to pare down their designs due to economic factors, so I didn’t have high hopes for finding something to satisfy my terms. And then I came to Rekisami and Ms. Kisada, and it was…an epiphany!

Rekisami is headed by Chika Kisada, a former ballerina cum fashion designer. It’s through her eyes we are introduced to a sharp yet rough world, filtered through a wildly elegant lens. That world is filled with twists, asymmetry, sharp cuts, transformation, and…harnesses. Yes, this is more “black swan” than “swan lake”.

rekisami 2016-17 aw collection