Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

change your perspective! Phenomena Collection accessories 2015 まさか!視点を変えさせられるアクセサリーブランド、フェノメナコレクション 2015 SS


This world is full of fashion and accessories… sometimes you’ve seen it all, and 10 times over. So it was such an incredible feeling to come across a designer making things that challenged me and pulled at my heartstrings (and made me want to break out my cash toute suite). That would be Japanese accessories brand Phenomena Collection, and I’m very pleased to introduce them to you!!
Each piece has a rather abstract concept behind it, and yet the forms are so light and playful.
“WE make accessories from harvesting all things in the universe that humans can perceive, and things that have become ‘one’ from the natural and the human world.” You don’t have to understand it, but just know that these clever yet elegant  pieces will make you change your perceptions…literally. The designer Fuyuka Tsuji says, “There is a concept behind all of my designs, and I hope you will be ‘wearing’ it not just from how it looks, but also because you like what it means too.” So let’s look at them!
アクセサリーブランドが溢れてるこの世の中に、心をクスグってくれるブランドを久しぶりに出会えた気がする。それはPhenomena  Collection。一つ一つの背景には抽象的なコンセプトが宿りつつ、プレイフルな見た目でエアリーな遊び心も輝く。