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意外すぎる?「ペルーコレクション」を見てきました!Peru Moda 2015. Fashion in far-flung locations.

Peru Moda 2015 jorge salinas


だから“ペルーモードっていうコレクションを見に行ってたんだよね”と言うと、みんなは驚いた顔で聞いてくる:”ペルーのファッション!? どんなものなの?”

Macchu Picchu. Grazing Alpacas. …Macchu Picchu.
When I told people I just got back from Peru to see their international fashion presentation called “Peru Moda” in Lima, they responded with faces of slight unbelief and curiosity. “Fashion in Peru??”

Since style is in the eye of the beholder and usually found among a myriad of choices given, such reactions can only come from the viewpoint of a privileged country with a long established fashion market. Personally, I went into Peru Moda 2015 with an open mind and came back satisfied with learning about their burgeoning scene…and yes, finding style there as well.