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世界でもっとも最先端な”アナログ”ファッションアクセサリーが実はすごい World’s oldest wearable tech gets the biggest update of the century






Even the most analog of accessories is being forced to upgrade using super high-tech advancements. But what does that mean?

To find the answer, last week I visited Los Angeles to witness a revolution in mechanical watches, the world’s first Master Chronometer from Omega.

Although I run a fashion blog, when I wake up in the morning the first thing I check are technology and science blogs, because I’m a big nerd inside and let’s be honest: technology is the most exciting frontier, even in fashion. And watches are in fact the first ever “wearable tech”, considering they have little mechanical “engines” inside. Their simplicity seems almost primitive, and expecting them to work 100% on every occasion is a given. However, apparently there is something in our modern daily lives that is messing with even the most luxury of mechanical watches and rendering them faulty… can you guess what that is?

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女性の為に発明された腕時計と、魔法のような一夜をオメガ&ニコールキッドマンと祝った。Man’s greatest invention was for women; celebrating 100 years of the wristwatch with Omega.



…ロレックス?スポーツウォッチ? 今時はiWatch?ってとこかな。





She who has time, has infinite power.

Think quick; what are the first three things you think of with the words “wrist watch”?

Rolex. Sportswatch. iWatch.

One of those answers *should* be “women”. The wristwatch was actually first invented as a way for women to tell time when only men wore pocket watches. It was watch brand Omega that marketed the first wristwatch to women around 1899, back when it was seen as gauche for women to pay attention to such trivial things as “time”. Now, we have had hundreds and thousands of elegant designs that look beyond gender, but for all purposes concerned, this event was a celebration of women’s watches AND the myriad women who wear them.

Last week, I was in Milan to witness over a hundred years of women’s watch designs, and learned a little bit of this feminist piece of fashion history along the way. There were dazzling designs, a brilliant gala, and a riveting Q&A with Nicole Kidman.