Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

Politely ostentatious. Geraldine debut collection 2015 SS 丁寧に一風変わった、Geraldine アクセサリーデビュー



One of the reasons I even started this blog was because I would stumble across amazing little brands in the alleys of Tokyo, or the creative people around me wold start a project that would turn into a full-fledged label (like Vive Vagina) and I wanted a place to extol it’s fabulousness. While I was lucky to have a monthly column with The Japan Times newspaper, it often wasn’t the right place to foist an experimental budding brand to such an audience. Thus, Tokyo Fashion Diaries was born. Today is one of those days that I am happy to have a place to introduce the following brand: Geraldine.

Geralidine has an affinity for all things white in the first collection, so at first glance they may appear a bit simplistic. But look again, as here you’ll find insects, gamelan balls and glass domes among other strange objects designer Momoko Yoshikawa has encased in white.

Even better, the look book photos are also oddly fascinating. Right off the bat, this brand knows it’s beautiful but weird, and takes no opportunity unturned to be itself.

日本にはまだまだ紹介したいNEWブランドがたくさん!若いだけにアイデアとパワーが溢れていて、彼らのクリエーションは本当に面白い。やはりこのブログを立ち上げた理由に一つでもある。始める前からも新聞のジャパンタイムズでコラムを書いてたけど、新人とか、アヴァンギャルドなものとか、マスに受けないものをなかなか紹介できる場合じゃなかったよね。この箱を作ってよかった!と思う時はまさに今日。ということで、今日のブランドは、2014年に立ち上げたばかりアクセサリーブランド Geraldineです。