Japanese Fashion culture | 日本のファッション文化

「すべてに於いて非常識」。そんな東京発ネオストリート系ファッションとは?When everything and nothing makes sense, Tokyo’s new “Neo Street Style” fashion.

shoshi in Neo street style fashion




“Neo”. It’s no longer just a sad Keanu Reeves, it’s a full-blown fashion phenomenon in Tokyo. Recently, we’ve seen the likes of post-modern gyaru Neo Gal style, the andogynous Neo Ikemen style, and a street-wise girly-girl in Neo Lolita (read about them here).  But what exactly is ”Neo Street Style”? To find out, I invited one of the most prominent young icons of this movement, Shoushi Ogawa, for coffee.

Neo Street Fashion is the newest sartorial game in Tokyo town. It’s absolutely wild and crazy, and only for the most daring to pull off. That’s why it’s going to be completely polarizing, since many will have heavy visceral reactions, while other will revel in its weirdness. And that’s absolutely why and it’s one of the most exciting Tokyo styles in recent memory.

Buccal-Cone- Neo street style fashion

Neo Street Style-favorite fashion brand Buccal Cone