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ファッションの心境の変化?プラダのウィメンズ・メンズ秋2016年。Batten the hatches, a storm is brewing at Prada Fall 2016


気がつけば耳にするのは悪いニュースばかりで世知辛いここ数年、ファッションは逆に鮮やかなプリントや遊びの効いたデザインなど、ポップなコレクションを発表する事でバランスを取ってきた気がする。それこそ、ミーシャはピンクのパイソン地にうさぎがプリントされたコートとグラフィカルな目玉とばってんがチャーミングな60年代風スパンコールTシャツドレスを着ておめかし。どちらもプラダの2016 pre-springコレクションのもの。こんなにドレスアップして向かった先はといえば、そうプラダの最新コレクション。プラダ メンズ ウィメンズの秋コレクションがミ17日の日曜夜にミラノで開催された。


Fashion has spent the past few years creating a remedy to the real world’s problems by ushering in collections of POP grandeur, in fun and peppy prints and playful designs. I myself was swaddled in a pink python coat printed in bunnies and a 60s-style t-shirt dress featuring graffiti eyeball stencils and pretty plastic paillets from the Prada pre-spring collection currently in stores now. This is certainly one of the most peppy, uplifting, and buzzworthy collections in a long time. But as the audience shuffled into the venue for the Prada mens and womens fall show in Milan on Sunday night, it was like we’d stepped into a different world. This collection that Miuccia Prada showed for fall 2016 was an antithesis to pop, and was instead a snapshot of a dark and twisted tale… and that tale is reflecting the reality of the harsh world we live in. Is fashion finally coming to terms with it by going dark and heavy?


MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 17: Misha Janette attends the Prada show during Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/17 on January 17, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Misha Janette

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FURLA Neo Pop bags for SS 2015 フルラのネオPOPな春夏バッグたち2015。ミラノより中継!


去年イタリアのハンドバッグブランド、Furlaのビデオプロジェクトに参加したのだけれど、その”打ち上げ”ということでミラノに一週間弱滞在していました。#candycoolと名付けられたそのプロジェクトは、東京をはじめとするアジアの女性にフューチャーした4つのショートムービーを撮るもので、出来はとても素晴らしい。もし、まだ見ていない人がいたらチェックして見てください!David Lynchが東京POP文化と出逢い、融合したようなそのムービーは、ファッションビデオとして国際フィルムフェスティバルにも出展した。見ると、「こんな」東京が恋しくなる。

I just spent a little less than a week in Milan during fashion week, as an “uchi-age” (after-party) to a video project I did with Italian handbag brand Furla last year. The project was called #candycool and featured a set of four film shorts with girls in Asia, and Tokyo-not to be biased or anything- looked amazing. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look- it is like David Lynch meets Tokyo POP. It was even entered into the International Film Festival for fashion videos. It will make you fall for Tokyo all over again:




From here, I was taken on a trip to Bologna, Italy where the headquarter grounds are, spoke to the Furla CEO and had some historical tours of Milan.

But first, I want to show you the most exciting thing, the most technologically advanced bag I have ever seen, shown at their 2015 SS presentation…