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Collard shirt tabi socks by ERIMAKI SOX 2 ◎足に着るシャツ?靴下の常識を覆したERIMAKI SOX第2戦

Fix your collar. Close your buttons. Make your legs look sharp, my friends. These socks are are for putting the fun in “oxford” and the classic in “kitsch”. They’re sure to draw an eye gaze downward, but only for the best reasons. Shirts for your feet. Inspired by TABI socks. Get outta town, I am not joking. They are amazing, and the second collection is finally out which means we get more colors and patterns, and better material. And menswear looks have made their debut as well!
襟を整えて。ボタンをしめて。足にもおしゃれをさせてあげましょ?お気に入りのコーデに、ちょっと背伸びしたシャツ型ソックスをプラスして、周りの視線を釘付けにしてみない? ミーシャが早くから注目していたソックスブランド、ERIMAKI SOXから、待望の第二弾のデザインに、メンズ型もデビュー!その特級のおしゃれソックスはこちら。