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渋谷パルコの最後にジャックするのが”ハプニング” THE HAPPENING at Shibuya PARCO for the last Happen forever.

この春に銀座線の車両をジャックしたファッションゲリラ集団、THE HAPPENING。数名のファッションメディア限定の”電車ランウェイショー”に呼びだされ、私がある駅のホームへ駆けつけた。突然に現れたモデルたちが電車に乗り込み、パパラチやストーカーみたいに彼女たちを追った私。電車を降りて、地下鉄の駅でポーズをとるモデルさん(表現者たち)の圧倒的な姿でメディアたちも、一般人も、どんな人でも不思議な騒ぎに巻き起され、エモーシナルなハプニングとなったのはいうまでもない。


そんな強い意志を持ちながら、東京の各地で”ハプニングショージャック”をしてきたTHE HAPPENINGが今回仕掛けるのは…

This spring, the fashion group known only as The Happening commandeered a few subway cars on the Ginza Line for a guerrilla runway show. I was called out to a show limited to only a few members of the media, and I found myself on the platform of an station underground. When a model appeared and stepped into the train,  I followed her inside like a paparazzi or stalker.I trained my camera and shutter finger on her, snapping away as she posed and preened in the car, the usual propriety of Tokyo’s train passengers be damned. The models in their avantgarde garb then all gathered in a nondescript hallway somewhere deep inside Ginza Station, with a gaggle of photographers and muggles all gawking at the scene.

“I said to them, `Even if you won’t give us the OK, we’re gonna do it anyway`!” said Kyoko Fushimi after the show, a stylist and the brains behind The Happening. “In the end, they gave us their permission, and helped us out with logistics.”

And with this sort of determination to bend the rules, The Happening has been happening at random places all over Tokyo, showing off fashion-forward designs from the city’s best up and coming talent. So what do they have cooking this time? Well, it’s certainly a more inclusive way to enjoy their events…


Art | アート Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

天才派のヘッドアーティストによるアクセブランドデビュー!Kunio Kohzaki PINS

kunio kohzaki pins

この仕事での最大の楽しみ、かつ喜びを感じる瞬間のひとつは、”根っからのアーティスト”に出逢ったときだったりする。彼らは想像を軽々と超えてくる。作り出すものはもちろんだけど、その行動や発言すべてがおもしろくて、興味が湧き、引き込まれる。その一人はヘアとヘッドアーティストのKUNIO KOHZAKI.



One of the most satisfying things about my job is feeding off of the genius of the artists around me. Be they in clothing, photography, events, art, makeup, even modeling… it is a sickeningly satisfying experience that cannot be understood unless you’re one who seeks it too, like a wee bit of a creative high.

One of the artists who makes that sweet buzz is hair/head piece artist Kunio Kohzaki. His magazine and catalog work is incredibly fun to look at, and this article from my blog a few years back when I was just a starry-eyed fan, is a great intro to his huge body of work.

kunio kohzaki pins