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倖田來未の新曲Dance in the Rainのファッション解説と裏話!The fashion of ‘Dance In the Rain’ music video by Kumi Koda



  • J-POP界のクイーン、倖田來未
  • 世界初バーチャルリアリティ装置オキュラスリフトを使ったミュージックビデオ
  • 幻想的なファッション
  • そして監督はYKBX


このお話をいただいたとき、ミーシャはすぐに話に乗った。オキュラスリフトはFacebookが買収したというニュースを知って以来ミーシャも注目していたものだった(いや、有名な話かもしれないけどファッションブログよりもテクノロジー系のブログを常にチェックしている)。そして初音ミクのデジタルオペラ”The End”を手がけたYKBX (初音ミクがルイヴィトンのコスチュームを着たホログラムだった)。それに、ミーシャが10年前に日本へ来る前からすでにスターの地位を確立していた倖田來未。 ぜひ、革新的でプロフェッショナルなこの方たちと一緒に、今まで見たことないものを生み出したかったからLET’S GO!な勢いで取り組みだした。


( ただ今東京デザイナーズウィークにて体験出来ます!)

完成品には本当に、心底満足している。特に服。ファンタジーだけどファッショナブルなものにしたかったから、コスチュームデザイナーなどではなく、よりリアルなファッションブランドで衣装を調達する必要があった。そして協力していただいたのが、Yohji Yamamoto、Limi Feu、Roggykei、Kotaro Sakadume。





When I was asked to be in charge of the fashion for a “really cool new project” that involved:

  • J-Pop-Queen Kumi Koda
  • Virtual Reality device Oculus Rift
  • Director YKBX
  • Epic RAD fashion

I was IN. The Oculus Rift has been on my radar since news broke that Facebook bought it this year (I am more of a gadget geek than fashion freak…maybe). Then I needed no introduction to Koda Kumi, who has been a star since even before I arrived to Japan 10 years ago. Then there was YXBX, who was responsible for Hatsune Miku’s digital opera “The End” (in which Louis Vuitton provided costumes). I REALLY wanted to work with these people, some of the most well-known, innovative and professional in the industry.

What we created was even beyond my expectations! The world’s first 360deg virtual reality music video. (which you can experience at Tokyo Designer’s Week NOW… details at the end).

I was so incredibly happy with how it turned out, and especially the clothes. I wanted it to be fantasy but also fashionable. So I needed to work with real fashion brands and not costume designers. For this I called upon Yohji Yamamoto, Limi Feu, Roggykei and Kotaro Sakadume.

Kumi may have a certain image, but for this project she told me she was really happy to wear “fashion forward clothing”. She also was the one to suggest working with Japanese brands, since the team was all based in Tokyo, and the virtual reality would be showcased at Tent London. Kumi is already very stylish..even in her normal clothes she has incredibly good taste, donning the likes of Alexander McQueen and Marios to fittings.

Below find more info on the clothes, and behind the scenes stories from the music video and filming. Trailer is below (available for full download along with the single on pre-order here).