Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

なんてこった?!そのファッション集団「ハプニング」は一体何者?Hey guys, what’s Happening?

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そう語るスタイリスト、伏見京子さんを中心に活動する”THE HAPPENING” 。2016ssコレクションでは、ラフォーレ前から表参道にかけてをゲリラショーでジャックするという刺激的なパフォーマンスを360°カメラで撮影した。最新の東京ファッションと最先端のテクノロジーがつくりだすその世界は、街を行く人の足を止め、目を奪い、そして高々と「声明文」をかかげた。


Hey guys, what’s Happening?

The Happening is a ferocious group of Tokyo-based designers who will not go on without a round of awe and applause. Headed by stylist Kyoko Fushimi, they meld technology with wild artisanship, some good ol’ fashion and showmanship in a battle cry against the status quo. While I am still getting press releases from new brands (and old ones) lowering the bar of fashion by to trying to be “your everyday casual brand”, these guys throw “casualness” out of the window and walk all over it.

And while designers of yore may have quietly gone about their “art” in the workshop, The Happening stages guerrilla shows on the streets of Tokyo, making sure their voice is heard loud and clear. Have you heard it yet?

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