Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

Better than Jem: Sretsis 2015 SS Tokyo キラキラ80sパレード、スレトシス春夏2015


The world is a buzz about the Jem and the Holograms live movie, but if you want to get your fill of big-haired rollerskatin’ bad-ass rockers from another planet, you need only to look at the 2015 SS collection from Sretsis. There was enough here to provide costumes for its whole film…AND the sequels. Amidst a background of a live performance by popular young elctro band the PLASTICZOOMS, we were introduced to a roller derby of super rad proportions. Sretsis may be a brand from Thailand, but they know their Japanese customer so well it will make you seethe lightning bolts (glitter and neon ones, natch).

As an aesthetic, Sretsis has a certain customer. And while I will have to dig a little to find something to complement my wardrobe, the way this brand puts on a show is one to be impressed by- and can not be matched by any other brand at Tokyo Fashion Week. The band, the drinks, the guests, the decorations and the styling are so immaculate that you lose yourself in its world for the 15 minutes the show is on in a beacon of pink light. Isn’t that what a fashion show is all about? If I had a glitter helmet on, I would tip it to them.

Jem and the Hologramsのライブムービーに世間がざわつくなか、どこかの星から颯爽と現れたローラースケートを履いたやんちゃガールロッカーを観たいって言う人は2015ssのスレトシスのコレクションをチェックすれば問題解決。たくさんの顧客が詰めかけたし、ずっとこのクリエーションに着いていきたいと思わせる”もの”を持っているから、きっとこの先もファンがどんどん増える。若手人気バンド、”プラスチックズーム”のパフォーマンスが鳴り響く中、観客は興奮、ローラーダービーレースへと導かれる。スレトシスはタイ発のブランドだけれど、日本にファンをたくさん抱えているため、様々なキラキラ仕掛けにみんな湧いた。(グリッターやネオンはもちろん)


Photos: Mitsugu Uehara