Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

食べるアートを着るとは、こういうことか。 Quantize 2017ss. Wear your heart AND your stomach, on your sleeve

quantize 2017ss





Even more than fashion (and much to my chagrin), Japanese food has blown up in popularity around the world. And more than just a fad, the wonders of “washoku” have enlivened the daily food routines of people across the globe. And as more and more Japanese washoku restaurants open up, people become privy to the custom of presentation and delicious “heaping” on the plate.

At the Milan World Fair, it was said that people waited for more than 10 hours to get inside the Japan Tent, and while technology and art is certainly a pull, being promised a chance to taste real Japanese cuisine was surely a huge selling point for cuisine aficionados like the Italians are.

Quantize is a Fukuoka-based brand born from the minds of two creative and savvy women, one a designer and the other an events and business organizer. For their 2017 SS collection, they took to the tables to create an intriguing cuisine-inspired collection, with a surprising twist.

quantize 2017ss