Best Japanese Brands 2016 | 最強日本ブランド 2016年保存版

Not falling through the gaps: Hisui 2016 FW 業界の「隙間」に一石を投じてきたヒスイ

model wears Hisui 2016 FW from Tokyo


ヒスイの2016 FW コレクションは、私たちに、世界の新しい見方を示してくれる; 「The gap between things」というタイトルのコレクションでは、”透き間”に着目し、写真からインスピレーションを受けたシルエットやパターンで、空間を表現した。


The Hisui 2016 FW collection invites us to look at the world in a new way; specifically the negative space of our surroundings, in  a collection titled “The gap between things”. In it, she took inspiration from photographs and created silhouettes and patterns, paying particular attention to the negative space in them.

This isn’t the first time the designer of Hisui, named Hiroko Ito, has challenged us to view the world in another way through her clothes. It is much more subtle than in the past, however. In fact, Hisui has never been shy to get political or take on the status quo, even protesting the nuclear plants several times on her own runway and making fun of the obsession with money on another. She takes the cracks in society and the world around her and throws them headlong into her collections with subtle juxtaposition to the superficial nature of the fashion industry. The question then is why hasn’t she caught on outside of Japan, as we all know the West loves a good controversy, and Hisui as a brand has been around for over a decade….