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人材、才能、発掘アワード!アジアでいちばん”フレッシュな”コンペ2015年受賞者は、ひきこもりにフォーム版画にイーゼル服。A recluse, some foam, and a wearable easel of “skin”. These are the winners of Asia Awards 2015.



This past weekend was Tokyo Design Week, one of the biggest conventions for design, technology, art and fashion in Japan. Within the week are the Asia Awards, awarded to young creators in a number of fields. For two years I`ve been on the judging panel, and I want to introduce to you the top three winners who masterfully blend concept with art and fashion.

One uses mattress foam to make extremely intricate 3D floral fabric, one created a fashionable piece of confounding art, and then one found the positive side to being a “hikikomori” (a shut-in). Here they are!