Japanese Brands AW 2017 | 東京コレクション秋冬2017

Get into the GVGV Groove. 見逃しちゃいけない、そんな夜だった。GVGV東京凱旋ショー2017aw

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“The past was better”. To those in their 30s, that past is likely the 90s. In Japan in 1991 was when the economic bubble popped, and while things looked bleak, there were counter culture trends like grunge, hiphop, nu rock, and the Harajuku decora/goth/v-kei/lolita fashion scene which made that era rife with energy.

GVGV presented its first fashion show in Tokyo in 4 years at Liquidroom, a famous 90s club spot in Ebisu. The location was chosen for the nostalgic spin, as well as GVGVs dedication to bringing music into its collections (designer MUG has been a DJ in Tokyo for her entire career).
Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

City Surfing with G.V.G.V 2015 Spring Summer ジーヴィージーヴィー 2015年春夏のシティ サーフ


Back in Paris, which already feels like years ago… but more like a week, I got to see a number of exhibitions of upcoming Japanese brands in the back-widing alleyways of the Le Marais district. Brands like Divka, mame, and GVGV show their collections to the best buyers in the world, and their Tokyo-born status usually gets them an automatic foot in the door; but charisma gets the sales.

GVGV has been prying for the global eye for three seasons now, and it was a huge loss for the Tokyo Fashion Week which reveled in the brand’s celebrity and pomp for their fashion shows. To see them relegated to a few lifeless racks does make me yearn for the days when things were much more entertaining.

But despite the calm, the brand is doing well overseas, catching the eyes of Colette in Paris and Alter in Shanghai- two of the world’s best boutiques. GVGV is sure riding the wave…. and it goes to say that they are taking it literally, with a surf-inspired collection for 2015 SS.




先日、待ちに待った新作 “2015春夏コレクション” がパリにて発表されたのでさっそく紹介したいと思う!私ですが、ちょうどパリに行ったから、ショールームに足を運んで、自分の目で確かめました。


さ、今回のテーマは”City Surf”。ROXYとニューえらとコラボ。と、なんとも興味深いぞ!