Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

ファッションより猫が好き!muveilが2017 SSで世界的に有名な赤毛編集者をミューズに。Everyone’s favorite red-haired fashion editor is the muse for Muveil 2017 SS

muveil 2017ss collection



muveilの2017 SSでは彼女をミューズとしたコレクションを発表。彼女が愛してやまない、ワインと猫がたくさん登場するハッピーなラインナップになった。

“Do I dream very much? Do I dream predominantly about fashion? No. I dream much more about cats.”

This is a quote from the much beloved and 25-year veteran fashion editor of VOGUE, Ms. Coddington. As a professional, of course she was madly passionate about her job, but she said that there were three things that fulfilled her life: the color black, wine, and cats.

Along with being one of the smartest and wittiest women in the industry, she is also muveil’s 2017 spring summer collection muse (but unofficially, so let’s keep it between you and me). It’s a collection filled with whimsical details of the things she loves like wine and of course, cats.

muveil 2017ss collection