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日本と海外のおっぱいの扱い方が違う?The business of breasts: Japanese lingerie and Wacoal DIA

Luxury Japanese lingerie by Wacoal DIA for 2015


The culture of women’s fashion varies across borders far and wide, but whether you’re a girl in Paris or Phuket there’s one thing we all need just the same: bras and underwear. But when it comes to the approach taken to designing and selling these delicates…. well THAT is where the divides are as vast as the oceans. I’ve already talked about “mote-kei” (pretty style) and how sex appeal is different in Japan. But just how different? From functional common sense to how they are showing off (or not) to the opposite sex…let’s check in with the upper echelons of Japanese lingerie this time to see.