Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

Balmung does clothes for boys like they’re girls dressing like boys. 新ジェンダーレスファッションを確立したバルムング。

Balmung 2016 FW





As the neo wave of “genderless” fashion becomes more and more prevalent across the globe, Tokyo still manages to present it’s own singular version of the trend.


Japan hasn’t that much of a gap between body types and even gender types (in traditional clothing) like the Western cultures to begin with, so one could say that the country is a purveyor and catalyst for genderless fashion from the start.


For one of my favorite street fashion brands is Balmung, and for their 2016 AW collection, that Tokyo “genderless” singularity was out in full force.  The silhouettes and shoes were mega sized, with details culled from Japanese school uniforms and capped with lace finishings. I see it as a kind of stoic chaos that fittingly represents Tokyo’s deep pool of juxtapositions.