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Fish Born Chips brings a special brand of humor to fashion「フィッシュ ボーン チップス」ユーモアを味方に。

TOKI bag 2
Japan has its own brand of comedy, known as “manzai”, in which a group or duo goes at each other in “innocent” jabs and slapstick comedy. Humor is branded a little bit differently, which is why Olympia Le Tan does better here than the more *cough* abrasive “Commes des F*ckdown” -style goods (although these message Ts sell well to foreigners so you’ll find a trove of them sold along Takeshita-dori). Fish Born Chips is a Japanese brand which brings its own humorous taste to high fashion with light jabs at popular motifs and charming surrealism.
Most of their goods come in either hats, brooches or handbags, all made by hand and each one getting their own punchline. They’re like little mischievous winks to everyone around you. It’s kind of funny, but you know, we sometimes just gotta wear our hearts on our sleeves.
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Chanel’s most surprising bags ever, from shopping carts to Bibles ◎ 買物カゴからフラフープまで、シャネルのびっくり系バッグを振返ってみる


Chanel AW 2014-15

Handbags. They’re a necessity, but they are possibly the most boring accessory in the history of luxury consumer culture. While new sizes and colors come out, since the beginning of time they have generally been the same shape (rectangle), the same material (leather) and, if you buy well enough, will last a lifetime anyway. Bags are an extremely important part of keeping luxury brands afloat- but you can only have so many leather rectangles, no? Well there is one kind of bag that is making us talk about things, and it is one of the largest trends of the late 00’s so far…. the “prop” bag.

女の子ならみんなハンドバッグが大好きだと思うけれど、実はバッグは消費者社会の中で一番つまらないアクセサリーだと思う。確かに新しいサイズやカラーは次々出てくるけれど、大体どのバッグも長方形で、レザーでできていて、いろいろなブランドが似たようなのを出したりもする。もしあなたがファッションヲタクじゃなかったら、ロゴを見ない限りサンローランとアレキサンダーワンのバッグを見分けることはできないでしょうね。でもバッグはラグジュアリーブランドのビジネスを保つためにとっても大切な役割を果たしているわけ。みんな大体同じようなバッグしか手に入らないんじゃない?でも単調でつまらなくないバッグの一つとして、この先何十年間の最大のトレンドであり続けるだろう “小道具”バッグがある。小道具バッグって?…


2014-15 AW Grade-A Beef