Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

アキラナカの凛とした個性。春夏2015年コレクション The Akira Naka effect. 2015 SS







Fashion designers tend to live by one of two philosophies. One is, “I design clothes to be worn by the modern woman.”

And the other…”To me, clothing should be a tool that communicates emotion.” So says designer Akira Naka.

Although two designers both might end up designing the same item– say, a trench coat, the intention (and personality) behind it really can change. Are you drawn to the pragmatic? Or to the storytellers? Akira Naka is certainly in the dreamer camp.

In Japanese, there is a word, “rin” (凛とした)which describes a commanding demeanor and pride, but in a graceful and dignified way. The way Mr. Naka designs and presents his work is worthy of being given the virtue of “rin”. As a graduate of the Royal Academy in Antwerp, we all know he has artistry up the wazoo, but he molds that creativity into a shape that is palatable with worth (this interview of his is in Japanese, but if you can read it, it’s a good look into his thought-process in how he shifted his focus from serving up identity to serving up fashion after the Great Earthquake in 2011-and coming out the better for it)


Caption: The Akira Naka trench. Is it telling you something?