Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

シアタープロダクツ秋冬2015年。ドラマを作るエンタ系服 The fashion show as a live auction. Theatre Products AW 2015

model at theatre products aw 2015 fashion show







When it comes to buying fashion, it’s always a gamble, isn’t it? Many brands have been following the whims of consumers by allowing us to shop the runway real-time, putting on pre-orders for select items that will come to your door fresh out of the factory. But in this case, you’re still getting what thousands of others are, and those “pre sale” items end up amounting to simple things like t-shirts or other basic easily-manufactured items. What if you could actually buy *straight* from the runway? There’s only one piece, so it would have to be first-come-first-serve (fire up those bots!) or…an auction. Theatre Products aw 2015 went for the latter, making for one heart-racing fashion show.

model at theatre products aw 2015 fashion show

These pants write their own ticket, honestly.