Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

ファッションのストライクゾーンが広がるかも。エンフォルド2015春夏 enfold 2015 SS Tokyo


ただのマス系ブランドとも思ってしまってたですが、この間ラックにかかってたとても面白い一着に張り付いた。コートの袖が胸の方についちゃって、ペロンと落ちてて。何のインポートデザイナーズだろう?と聞いたら、それはエンフォルド春夏2015の作品だった…と、もっと詳しく見てみようと誓ったので2015 SSを〜



I thought this was a mas(s)terfully done mass-level brand which is very easy to pass off as nothing more than such. But recently I stopped in front of a curious coat on a rack, tugging at it’s sleeves which were attached in all the wrong places. It was chic, and impulse-buy ready. But I knew it would probably cost some pretty penny, assuming it was an import brand.

Oh, it was enfold? Excellllent. So I promised to take a closer look at the label to see what was going on.

I guess you could say that this brand has done some witchery with color.  There is hardly ever a swish of a pattern in any of Enfold’s designs, and that’s perhaps what they’re known for. But somehow the