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Pearls, Crystals and…Paper?! Jill Stuart and Katsuya Kamo’s Super Unique Jewelry Collection

パールにビジューに…紙?!ジルスチュアート x 加茂克也のシュールなコラボアクセサリーは必見


Yesterday I talked about hat/wig/mask designer Kamo Katsuya, the guy who turned down Bjork (and Isabella Blow, actually). Looking at his incredibly creative work means you’re looking straight at the face of the most avantgarde pieces in the industry.

Now he is branching out from magazine shoots and runway shows to test how the public will take in his taste of creative accessories. The hat/mask designer is collaborating with Jill Stuart, of all brands, for a limited line on sale coinciding with the exhibition at Laforet Harajuku until the 18th

昨日小ブログでハット/ウィッグ/マスクデザイナーの加茂克也さんを紹介した。そう、ビョークを断れた人…笑(実は、イサベラブロウも…^^; )。彼の創造性高い作品は右出るものがないほどクリエイティブ。アヴァンギャルドそのもの!



I was in the middle of interviewing him about his exhibit and we got on the topic of people wearing his hats in everyday life.

“I always made pieces for other brands, never for my own line to sell before,” said Kamo Katsuya. Wondering if he maybe forgot, I reminded him about this Jill Stuart collaboration which was on display just a few feet away. 

“Oh yeah! Well they came to me with the offer and I decided to try it out.”





カルい! 笑


Kamo-san typically creates one-use-only type masks and hats of paper, pins, duct tape and strips of fabric. For someone who is so squarely in the game of creating wonderfully creative pieces that are ephemeral, I wondered if he would struggle to come up with a sellable product for such a girlie “mass” type brand. But surprisingly I was extremely impressed with the results! In fact, I was shocked at how well it was done. The brooches and barettes have the texture of paper in typical Kamo style, and are decorated thoughtfully with pearls and other bijoux. The lips one was my standout favorite, but all are stupendously surreal while still being girlie enough to almost miss it.




You see the texture of paper in the accessories, and that’s because Kamo uses tons of paper in his wig and mask designs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely elaborate or impressive; ’cause they are. Check some more out (made for Chanel and Junya Watanabe):

 このコラボ商品で見る一番の特徴は紙のテキスチャー。加茂さんのよく使う素材は紙なので、彼の世界観が十分出てます。そして紙って言っても大変素敵な作品なので色々ご覧ください(ChanelとJunya Watanabeのための作品):






 At Laforet harajuku 6F until Nov 18

Asst editor Natsumi Yoshida

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