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サングラスをつける理由はここだけにあり。世界のガールが今注目してるMOO EYEWEARのありえない程キュートなコレクションが伊勢丹に登場!


Moo Piyamsobatkul, otherwise known as the brain behind Moo Eyewear, may soon become so famous that she’s going to be on a first-name basis with the world. Just call her “Moo”, everyone will know exactly who you’re talking about.

I opened up my “2.5 Dimension” shop at Isetan 2F today in collaboration with SOEN magazine and their Tokyo Design Commit Week, and Moo’s sunglasses are already one of the hottest brands of topic from my lineup. Her line of Baroque Eyes have been called “ingenious” and are snapped up as soon as she has time to make some. She uses dead-stock vintage frames and adds colored porcelain pieces that look like eyebrows for a grand statue or gargoyle. The mix of retro hipster and elegance is so very NOW that she has hit the proverbial fashion jackpot. And it helps that she’s super cute and fun to boot!

Moo Piyamsobatkul、通称Mooは自身の名を冠したアイウェアブランドMoo Eyewearのデザイナー。今世界中で俄に話題騒然となっているこのアイウェアブランドだがそれと同じく個性が際立った彼女自身も恐らく近い将来世界中を席巻することにになるに違いない。
先日お伝えした、雑誌装苑伊勢丹新宿とのコラボポップアップストア“東京2.5次元”が本日より、伊勢丹新宿本館の2階でオープンしますが、その中でも実ははこのMoo Eyewearのピースを置かせてもらっているのです。“ingenious(独創的)”と評される彼女の作品は、アイウェアでありながらその美しいバロック装飾でアクセサリーとして唯一無二の存在感を放っている。ヴィンテージのフレームを使用し、ポーセリンの装飾を装着した彼女のサングラスは見方によれば絶妙なカーブをを描き眉に沿って目元の美しさを際立たせてくれる。レトロなヒップスターのようでありながら至極エレガント、この絶妙なバランス感こそ今最も旬な所以。





Born and raised in Thailand and educated in the UK, she’s a force to be reckoned with as she just graduated with a degree in Jewelry Design from Central St Martins. While in Bangkok a few weeks ago for Fashion Week and BIFF I happened to catch her for afternoon tea the very day after she returned from a long trip in London. I was with my friend Sonja from the award-winning select shop “Alter” in Shanghai, who wanted to buy some more sunglasses for her shop. “We sold out after Fan Bin Bin wore them during Paris Fashion Week. I need 20 more!” At that, Moo pulled out every piece she had, and we turned the fancy cafe into our own personal showroom trying on every single pair (to the chagrin of the server).

タイ生まれ、タイ育ちの彼女はイギリスのセントラルセントマーチンズでジュエリーデザインを学び、卒業するや否や自身のブランドを立ち上げ瞬く間にスターダムを駆け上がっていった希有な逸材。先日バンコクファッションウィークに行った際に、幸運なことに多忙な彼女とゆっくり話をする機会を持つことができた。その時一緒だった私の友人Sonja(中国の有名セレクトショップAlterのオーナー)も彼女にどうしても会う用事があったというのだが、それが彼女のショップで置いていたMooのサングラスが、中国のセレブFan Bing Bingが着用したこともあり全て完売してしまったため急遽20ピース以上の発注をしなければならないからというものだったのだ





I grabbed a black and white pair and a pink pair, but then I fell head over heels for the multicolored pair from her most recent lookbook which I drooled all over her iPad looking at. The photos are a lot less avantgarde than her previous shoots but it’s just SO charming you’ll want every pair (dammit!). I think the lightness could be attributed to the fact that she is now spending more time in sunny Thailand than just the UK. “Family brought me back of course, but I just love the UK. Whenever I get to go to Europe I try to stay as long as possible.”

Although she is from Bangkok, she considers herself an international designer and doesn’t sell locally and her items sell out all over the world. “You can just send me an email and order what you want, though, ” she said (as a million emails now go rushing to her).



Me, Moo, Sonja

She also has a wicked sense of humor. “I could have studied product design there at St Martins,” she said with a laugh, “I mean, there were NO GUYS on our floor otherwise! They were so rare!” This personality lends well to her new career as a fashion celebrity in Bangkok. After our tea we got in her car to go to the Kloset fashion show, in which she was lent clothes to wear. When that was done and the paparazzi were done taking her photo, she hopped back into her chauffered car to change into another outfit. “I gotta wear Versace, they sent it to me for the Versus party tonight.”

Despite the newfound fame, she’s still super down-to-earth and even remembered me. “You were one of the first people to blog about me!” she said. And she’s right! Almost 2 years ago, when CANDY announced they would carry her. I`m a fan for LIFE!


To get your own MOO Eyewear, come to my shop at Isetan, open until April 9!


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