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mintdesigns’ domestic SS 2015 Tokyo ミントデザインズの2015年春夏で登場するMissミント


Mintdesigns seems that it’s taking housewives as their style muses. Domestic life and its aesthetic is something that international fashion people don’t exactly tout around (aprons aren’t exactly in vogue…. yet….). But luckily this is a far more abstract interpretation of being at home. Bed sheet stripes, duvet frills, pajama suits, pillow clutches, and prints of a woman baking and a disembodied head of “everyone’s” jolly grandfather (the brand calls him “Mr. Mint”) made for a cozy spring summer Mintdesigns collection…

ミントのミューズ、”Miss. ミント”に象徴される”ハウスワイフ”的世界観。それは、海外のファッションピープルたちが決して売りにしないようなドメスティックライフの新しい美学 (ヴォーグにエプロンが出てきた事はない…まだ…w)。一方今回のコレクションは”アットホーム”な要素が散りばめられた。ベットシーツのストライプ柄、ベッドカバーのフリル、パジャマスーツ、枕クラッチ…また、クッキングをする女の子や、みんな大好き”おじさん”の顔。(どうやら”Mr.ミント”と名付けられているらしい。) これらがミントの2015ssコレクションにここ地いい風を運んだ。




Photos by Mitsugu Uehara


On this day we were battling a typhoon making its way up our shore (touted by the internet as being “THE STRONGEST OF THE YEAR!”) and yet no one was deterred, even when this show was being held outside at a sports stadium. There were a lot of “regular” people there, thanks to Mint holding lotteries to allow customers and the purely curious alike to come see the show. I’ve said it before, but Tokyo is actually one of the best weeks for getting into shows, even if you’re not an outsider (caveats being that it’s not about sneaking or muscling your entitled self in, but applying for tickets to individual brands in lotteries, a system that’s a reflection of Japanese culture eschewing chaos).

Anyways, as for the show…the two designers called this collection “Prism Girl”, explaining that they placed their prints on the clothing in a scattered way as if looking through a prism.

The softness of this collection is a 180 degree turn from the last season, which was a punk-leather affair. “Last time it was easy to understand where we were coming from since it was about the music, but this time it’s more about a feeling, or a scenery.” said designer Yagi.

Another facet to this collection was the expression of both “high” and “low” tech fabrics.

For high technology, the brand experimented with a material called “double raschel”, a strong fabric often used in car seats but used here to give their oversized ruffles their shape. The plaid is double layered on transparent material, giving even this “mundane”pattern it’s twisted and bent shape like light being sent through a prism.

The print of the woman in the collection follows the old “Mr Mint” man, who has been in a few of their collections and amassed some fans. The woman is called “Miss Mint” and she’s putting herself to work, whipping something up in her (presumably) prism-world kitchen.

On the low-tech side, the designers used natural linen in a number of accents like on collars and pockets, mixing textures up with the stiffer, hightech materials.

It’s an “at home” collection even if the show itself was anything but in that weather. But Mintdesign’s colorful collection helped break up the grey background, leaving an impression that will last longer than the storm.

Mintdesigns is best appreciated when looking at their fabrics, so enjoy some closeups of the collection, and embrace your inner domesticity.

まだ記憶にフレッシュな mintdesingsのコレクションが秩父宮ラグビー場で披露された。この日は台風が近づき一日中雨が降り続いていたにもかかわらず、一般のお客さんも募集したミントのショー会場にはたくさんのファンとメディア関係者、ファッションピープルたちが集まった。さすが、今最も注目を集めている東京ブランドのひとつだ。

デザイナーの二人がテーマに掲げたのは”PRISM GIRL”。プリズム越しに見た歪んだ世界や景色をコレクションに落とし込むというもの。



また、もうひとつポイントとなるのが “ハイテク×ローテク”の表現。



毎回登場する「Miss. ミント」ちゃんは今回、お料理を楽しむプリズムワールドの住人か!?

















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Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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