Japanese Brands AW 2017 | 東京コレクション秋冬2017

異邦人の秘密基地。マメ2017年秋冬 for the mysterious foreigner in the room. mame 2017 aw






Meaning: A person from an exotic land

It comes with heavy connotations as “foreigner” is a touchy and even taboo subject. And “ihoujin” literally means “not japanese”. Oy.  But it is often found in the Bible and comes with a spiritual nuance, one that I liken more to meaning “a stranger, but someone I want to know more about.” And that is how I feel about the character dressed in mame for her 2017 collection.




Every brand out there has their own “mix” style of references, but leave it to Mame to have the power to give every look it’s own unique expression while wrapping it all up in a bow of consistency. Whether she is changing up the taste or the materials, she will never betray the long silhouette and the delicate details that have given her success and a legion of fans. The fact that I can spot a mame piece from a mile away is not a humblebrag of myself, but rather a testament to Mame Kurogouchi’s skill as a designer.

See her jewel-toned and cool undertoned collection for AW 2017-

mame AW 2017 tokyo

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