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Paper bags made of leather by Makoo will fool you 錯覚確実!革の常識を覆したMakooの”ペーパー”バッグ


Leather is supposed to be a luxurious material, molded into the finest of fashion items. It’s often made to look like it’s worth it’s price upon a glance…but Makoo turns that idea on it’s head with a line of …leather goods masquerading quite convincingly as paper for paupers.

Makoo has a line of “paper” bags and clutches made from leather; daily use “throwaways” like rice sacks, snail mail envelopes and lunch bags. The most ironic thing about this brand though doesn’t stop there…






Luxury brands have been obsessed with inconspicuous luxury, and high grade leather has been made to look like supermarket paper bags and totes for half a decade. In Makoo’s case however, you won’t be spending a fortune as these goodies are as much as a day’s lunch.

I personally have my eye on the stamped paper lunch sacks, each only ¥1,500. The reason these are so attainable is that Japanese label Makoo has perfected the art of recycling leather, employing it’s techniques in it’s brand. Their goal is to bring attention to the culture of throwaway fashion and it’s front and center in all of it’s goods.

So if you’re interested in seeing all that they have (and there’s a lot) then check them out at their online shop before everything sells out.




ちなみにMakooはファッショナブルなだけじゃない。MAKOO RE;USE Project は多くのものが次から次へと買われ、使われては捨てられるという現状に目を向けたところから始まった。しっかりと使われるものならば捨てずに長く使われる。それをモットーにエコブームという言葉にしばられない、デザインとしてのエコを推し進めているという。



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-Misha Janette
Asst. by Karen Shimada


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