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Fish Born Chips brings a special brand of humor to fashion「フィッシュ ボーン チップス」ユーモアを味方に。

TOKI bag 2
Japan has its own brand of comedy, known as “manzai”, in which a group or duo goes at each other in “innocent” jabs and slapstick comedy. Humor is branded a little bit differently, which is why Olympia Le Tan does better here than the more *cough* abrasive “Commes des F*ckdown” -style goods (although these message Ts sell well to foreigners so you’ll find a trove of them sold along Takeshita-dori). Fish Born Chips is a Japanese brand which brings its own humorous taste to high fashion with light jabs at popular motifs and charming surrealism.
Most of their goods come in either hats, brooches or handbags, all made by hand and each one getting their own punchline. They’re like little mischievous winks to everyone around you. It’s kind of funny, but you know, we sometimes just gotta wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Fish Born Chips is probably a play on the pronunciation of “Fish Bone Chips” in Japanese—hitting it right out of the gate. Check out their collection of hats, many made with doodads and parts that usually don’t call a cap a home. My favorite are those printed with historical art figures, tagged with embroidery “graffiti” (above). I can imagine many more, like Shakespeare, Caesar and Marie Antoinette.
Their other popular line is their flap bags, in which the image on the bag flap and the image under it create humorous combinations. Animals are a common thread among many of the designs. “When we put them all out in our studio, it turns into a zoo!” says FBC. The penguin clutch is so popular that they continue to make it for customers, although the others are one-off pieces. You can purchase a piece of Fish Born Chips at select CA4LA hat stores as well as order from them directly (see all links to stores below the Japanese text).
他にも、穴があいている帽子や棒がささっている帽子、三つ編みと合体している帽子と、バリエーション豊かなオリジナリティ溢れるラインナップ。人気のバッグシリーズでは、動物が多用されている。”何かを加えている”シリーズは、コレクションして部屋にならべたら動物園みたいでめちゃかわいいよね。笑 ペンギンバッグはファンも多く、定番化している。どちらも2wayということで実用的!
pinchi 2
3D bag 2way 【cat】
牛骨 6
montage bag ヘビット1
montage bag ヘビット2
montage bag ヘビット3
penguin bag 2way
pinchi 1
montage bag ネコババ
TOKI bag 1
zebra bag 2way
ミツアミ【All Black】
レザーブローチ【fallen leaves】



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Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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