Japanese Brands AW 2017 | 東京コレクション秋冬2017

初ショーでバレエとパンクを魅了したチカキサダ。The punk is a ballerina. Chika Kisada AW 2017


そんなマイケルクラークの世界に魅了されたファンのひとりがchika kisadaの幾左田さんだ。レキサミとチカキサダ、2ブランドを手がける彼女が2017awコレクションを提げて東京ファッションウィークのランウェイにやってきた。


There’s a legendary ballet choreographer named Michael Clark. He was also a punk. In the 80s, the genre of “punk ballet” broke on the scene and he was the catalyst for it. He inspired the energetic clash of punk and ballet, ushering in a new world of classic dance-meets-punk music and fashion. Imagine David Bowie track playing while ballerinas pirouette in artistic, wild clothing.

One diehard fan of Michael Clark’s is Chika Kisada. She is the designer for two brands, both Chika Kisada and the highly popular Rekisami, and for the 2017AW season she showed her namesake line on the Tokyo Fashion Week runway for the first time.

The effect of presentation and movement is a common thread between fashion and dance, as explained by Kisada. As a classically trained ballerina herself, she knows well what it means to be in one, the other, and then both worlds at once. I can say that her first effort on the runway was a success, worthy of a standing ovation.






The collection was inspired by one photograph. It’s of a small girl outside on the Japan’s “children’s day”, and the details in the clothing and the pureness of youth wrote the recipe for the childlike frills, floral patterns and child-like oversizing.

Also, as a former ballet dancer, Chika Kisada is very careful about how she designs for the relationship between cloth and skin.For example, how the clothing falls and floats when the body moves inside it, creating details that fill the space in between.

She created some special runway pieces just for the show (YES!) in glorious volume that dance with the spirit of ballet in them. Varying bewteen black and baby pink, they coalesce in a “pretty in punk” duo, both fighting against and complimenting each other.  The headpieces are from her own personal time as a dancer, remaking them into art for impressive impact.

This collection was one of the best of the week, you I am sure everyone agreed, whether a veteran of the show circuit or not. That’s because she hits the trends while staying true to her DNA, and awe-inspiring us a little bit with the extra details. Kisada says she wants to show in Paris during womens week next season. But before then, can she usher ina  wave of punk ballet fashion in Japan, as Michael Clark did to the UK? We can only hope!



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