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Free Wifi in Japan? It might not be a dream… 東京等が無料wifi化されるのが夢じゃないかも?!


Haven’t we all dreamed of living in a world blanketed in wi-fi? The internet is the 4th leg of the three life essentials: housing, food, clothing…and mobile internet connection. First world problems, I know. But while having the world fully wired may be a pipe dream, I would settle for a near future of just having Japan covered. Or even Tokyo.

Well I have tasted the future, and it is delicious. The large city of Fukuoka, (south of Osaka, on Kyushu) is currently the most widely covered wi-fi city in all of Japan, and I was there to try it out. And I wasn’t just there to surf the internet all day; on top of being wired, Fukuoka is also crowned a “Special Kawaii District” and has it’s own ambassador. I was infinitely curious to find out what a “Kawaii District” is, exactly.

So with the Tokyo Olympics coming up, we’ve been promised that our fair metropolis will be wi-fi ready by 2020. ..and yet there are already hidden free wifi spots here I learned of which are ready for you and I to freeload off of right now. How/where do you get them? See:






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モノクロを着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る。東京編 Girls in black lead colorful lives. Featuring: Tokyo.

revlontext--Misha-Water-walk-2-©-Celia-Humphries copy







If you’re a working woman in the city, there comes a point in time where you’ll a notice your monochromatic wardrobe becomes a uniform. Black itself is a staple that can’t be deterred and no matter what the magazines and fashion trends try to tell us, black will never be ousted from it’s post as the number one color choice for urban girls.

It is cool….strong….timeless.

But black is also considered…lifeless…..dark….boring.

But I think that black is just a canvas, where the colors of our imagination POP when they spill out on it. You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve. Because girls in black lead brilliantly colorful lives.


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東京へ来て10年が立つ頃に伝いたい気持ち 10 years in Tokyo, a thank you and a look back

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 4.29.01 AM

I stood still in the middle of Shibuya scramble crossing one spring day when I was 18 years old, the crowd swarming around me in all directions like koi in a pond. J-pop played on the jumbo screen, it was a mix of words I could and couldn’t discern. It felt energetic…like a vortex, some kind of gravitational pull into an unknown planet in the center of some dream-like universe. I have always been a person of extremes; either go really safe or just go wild, quit cold turkey or inhale at once. So for American me to make a decision like this was a life-altering sacrament. I decided: “I’m going to live RIGHT. HERE.”

Well, I never expected this day to come, or that I would ever actually be saying this out loud, but I have lived in Tokyo… for TEN years! I know you all can count, but that’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (!) years in one of the places considered *most* different from the culture I grew up in… (and oh how grateful I am, because I couldn’t have made it this far without lots of support…..) There is so much I have learned in these 10 years, not only about living in Tokyo, but about working in fashion in general.

ミーシャの周り360℃人だらけの渋谷スクランブル交差点、真ん中にひとり立っていた18歳の春。まだついこないだのような感じがする。流行りのJ-POPが大画面で流れて、そこには理解できる言葉とできない言葉が混ざってた。やる気に満ち溢れ、なにか大きな力によって夢の中の知らない惑星に引き寄せられたような感覚だった。極端な性格で、堅実に生きるのかワイルドになるのか、自立するのか甘えるのか.…そう、アメリカ人のミーシャは人生の誓いをたてて生きてきた。 そして、あのとき”ここ”で生きていこうと決めた。



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What’s so great about fashion week anyway? NYFW 2014 ◎コレクションのファッションウィークって何が良い訳?2014年NYFW版



Fashion weeks are a ringer where you’re passed through the psychological stages of euphoria and denial all in one fell swoop;

This show is going to be AMAZING!!
…that was awful, right? It’s not just me? It was awful, right???? God, I hope it doesn’t become a trend.

I look SO good in this outfit, every street snap photographer will love it!
…umm…hello, guys, anyone here? FML.







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Setsubun Ehomaki sushi rolls: the stylish and the strange.◎ 一風変わった恵方巻き、おしゃれな恵方巻きをランキング!

Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 3.52.04 PM

February 3rd is a Japanese holiday called “Setsubun” which is a spiritual spring-cleaning of sorts. You clean up your house, then promptly make it dirty again by throwing beans around, chanting “good spirits in, bad spirits out!”. When that’s done, you sit down for a meal of the “ehomaki” sushi roll. The traditional ingredients call for egg, cucumber, mayonnaise and fish, but recently the Hallmark-ization of the holiday has brought us some actual yummy and interesting Ehomaki rolls. Foie gras? Cake? Doraemon? Read on…

日本の恵方巻き文化はここ数年でどんどん勢いを増していて、2月3日節分の日は “豆まきをして恵方巻きを食べる”っていう習慣がひとつのたのしいイベントとして広まって来ている。むしろ、”豆まきする人”を”恵方巻き食べる人”が上回っているかも!




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The world’s most expensive Kit Kat is in Tokyo. Of course.◎ 世界もっともグルメなキットカットが東京に登場


A high-end, fancy gourmet super rare chocolate Kit Kat? Priced at ¥315 ($3.00) per single one little BAR? And sold at a Kit Kat specialty shop? Only in Tokyo.

キットカットから一本 315円のハイエンドで風変わりな、スーパーレアチョコレートが!東京でだけお目にかかれます! なぜそんなに高い訳?!

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男よりイケメンな女がモテる!? 海外も注目する「ボーイッシュ系」 Japanese girls as “boys” are more popular than the boys. The “Boyish-Kei” phenomenon


Japan takes “tomboy” to another level. What about females who dress as boys, talk like boys, are treated as boyfriends, and become famous as boys? It’s more than just pants and pressed collars and goes WAY beyond just being a fashion trend. It’s called “boyish-kei” (ボーイッシュ系 ) and it’s *fascinating*.




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“Select Shops” are dying out in the west, but will they survive in Japan?



Japan has the largest number of mixed-brand boutiques, or “select shops” in the world. But is the idea of the “select shop” going to die out?



Will only flagship stores survive? 生き残るのは、オンリーショップとフラッグシップショップ?