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Some people still think Superdry is Japanese. Seriously… ◎ 幻的なでたらめジャパニーズブランド「極度乾燥しなさい」

super-dry-9I don’t know where to start. Especially since I had pushed “Superdry” out of the memory cortex in my brain so that I would never have to think of it again. Perhaps I’m jonesin’ to lay into it now because at New York Fashion Week this month someone actually asked me how well doing Superdry is doing in Japan.

…at that moment it was hard to sustain the most pirate-y bluebeard guffaw the planet has ever heard. Cuz like, totally like, Superdry isn’t Japanese. But the UK-based parent company it’s from sure has done a damn fine job of making it seem like one,  STILL.



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男よりイケメンな女がモテる!? 海外も注目する「ボーイッシュ系」 Japanese girls as “boys” are more popular than the boys. The “Boyish-Kei” phenomenon


Japan takes “tomboy” to another level. What about females who dress as boys, talk like boys, are treated as boyfriends, and become famous as boys? It’s more than just pants and pressed collars and goes WAY beyond just being a fashion trend. It’s called “boyish-kei” (ボーイッシュ系 ) and it’s *fascinating*.




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海外コレクションがつらぬく話題性は東京でも通じる?ざわざわするNYCとパリ vs. シーンとする美の東京 Does “Buzz” Translate Into Japanese? Why the Tokyo Shows are too Quiet for Comfort While Western Shows Deafen

Rihanna at opening ceremony source
Hear that buzz? It’s glorious, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it was all over the New York and Paris fashion week runways like the chicest car wreck you’ve ever witnessed. And some brands are going to be hugely popular and sell well because of it next season .
Buzz is what makes a fashion week tick. You think the shows are for buyers? Nah, they see the clothes up close before or after the show. Why put on a pricey runway show then? Well dahling, it’s not just for jollies (here, just EAT my $30,000+++). It’s to get people talking, to set a mood for the brand’s worldview and to show the clothing in 3D movement.

「ざわざわ」してるの、分かる?それは壮麗で、楽しくて、エキサイティングで、NYParis Fashion Weekのランウェイ中を駆け巡っていた。みんなの「ざわざわ」、つまり、「話題性」のおかげで、いくつかのブランドは来季、大ブレイクして、売り上げが右肩上がりになることは間違いない。 


Dresscamp hooplah 花びら舞い降りるドレスキャンプ
So let’s see, for example, what NYC and Paris did to get their buzz on:


どれどれ・・・ たとえば、NYParisがどうやって世の中をざわざわさせたか。

Victoria Beckham: Celebrity designer bringing her child to her show (Victoria Beckham and David with Harper)
Victoria Beckham: セレブリティーデザイナーと彼女の子供をショーに連れてきた(Victoria, David Beckhamと彼らの子供、Harper)
Source IBT
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理解も支持もできないトレンドがたまにある。今回は「ブスカワイイ」 The Beauty I Cannot Get Behind: “Ugly-but-cute” Busu Kawaii Trend

I don’t have to be a cheerleader for Japan and “like” EVERYTHING that comes out of it. Without constructive criticism we wouldn’t have evolution and nothing would change (and without evolution we wouldn’t have cronuts, iPad DJs and all-in-one dryer/washing machines. Who wants to live in a world without those?!) . So I watch the trends, join in them, or shrug my shoulders and let them be, but there’s one trend I really can’t understand nor support: “Busu Kawaii”. Busu Kawaii literally means “ugly-cute”.
There are a few interpretations of “busu kawaii”, and one is an average looking girl getting famous so the public will consider her “ugly”-but-cute-enough. Whatever, girls like that can rock on with their bad selves.This is not what I`m talking about. I`m talking about the busu-kawaii beauty trends that make girls look literally *ill* and it’s supposed to be cute. I call it “busu-sick”
私がどうしても理解できなくて、支持できないトレンドがあったりする。私は日本から産出される何もかも全てを応援したり支持する必要が無と思うの。。時に辛口の批判無しでは進化することはできないし、何も変わらないままだと思う。常にトレンドを見ているけれど、私自身もトライする時があれば、評判できないのもある。その支持できないトレンドというのは … ”ブスカワイイ”だ。
私が話しておきたいのは、”ブスカワイイ”の美的トレンド。女の子たちを不健康な方向へ誘い、それが ”カワイイ” んだと吹き込ませること。私はそれを “病気カワイイ”と呼ぼう。