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黒を着る女はカラフルな人生を送る!ヨーロッパ編。Girls in BLACK lead COLORFUL lives! Vol 3: Europe



“黒を着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る” シリーズ第三弾!そのコンセプトは抽象的にいうと、外から見る現代社会の街が濁った色に見えてくるのに実は個人個人の人生は鮮やかな色にキラキラしている。そして、分かりやすく言うと、黒を着たって、ブライトで、想像力高い女になれない訳がない!日常の「普段」の中でも、しっかり目を開けて想像して、夢に生きて、そしてあなたの人生をまばゆいばかりに輝かせよう。それをバッグに詰めてプチ旅に出るとか…また、通勤の時だけでも!全ての経験があなたの人生のキャンバスを色づけるでしょう。ほら、世界はカラフルに!!

Girls in black lead colorful lives Vol. 3. In the city we go about our days with all of the mundane details and thoughts sinking into each other like a muddy grey puddle. But open your eyes and imagination, live your dreams, and make your life blindingly colorful. Whether that means packing your bags and going on an adventure or just trying a new restaurant, or daydreamig on your way to work… every experience adds another shade of color to the canvas of our lives. And you don’t need to wear the equivalent of a light-up Christmas tree to prove YOLO. So how colorful is your life?



 Photos: Celia Humhpries


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モノクロを着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る。東京編 Girls in black lead colorful lives. Featuring: Tokyo.

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If you’re a working woman in the city, there comes a point in time where you’ll a notice your monochromatic wardrobe becomes a uniform. Black itself is a staple that can’t be deterred and no matter what the magazines and fashion trends try to tell us, black will never be ousted from it’s post as the number one color choice for urban girls.

It is cool….strong….timeless.

But black is also considered…lifeless…..dark….boring.

But I think that black is just a canvas, where the colors of our imagination POP when they spill out on it. You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve. Because girls in black lead brilliantly colorful lives.