Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

振り切れたNSFW刺繍が癖になる!初上陸「カルネボレンテ」。The most NSFW brand EVER is also the cutest…and now in Japan.





More and more these days, the younger generation is feeling much more open about sexuality-and the many forms of it. This lends itself well to fashion as well, as we have been graced with the uber-cool stylings of pretty “androgyny”, cool “unisex”, kawaii “genderless”, or girls-will-boys “boyish” styles. They all play with gender and fashion, blurring the lines between the two.

But what about plain ol’ sex? It’s still the most taboo of all, and with the designs of brand Carne Bollente bringing it WAY out into the open, it might be the most “clutch-your-pearls” shock-full fashion since Kim Kardashian.

While sexy clothing is often meant to be in-your-face , Carne Bollente is meant to take the edge off by showing sexy scenes in cute embroideries. The faceless humans all seem to be getting it on in funny and seriously compromising situations, like on the beach or even orgies at the office. It’s the best way to wear your sex on your sleeve, but slip it past all but a few.


carne = 肉、bollente = 沸騰する

そんな意味のブランド名を掲げたカルネボレンテは、パリをベースに活動しているグループ。Agoston Palinkoのイラストを刺繍したTシャツやパーカー、キャップなどが最近ファッション感度の高い人たちの間で沸々と熱をあげている。



SNSで急速に広まっているカルネボレンテだけど、今後どこまで広まるか?街で SEX-Tシャツをたくさん見かける夏が来る前に、コンプライアンスとの戦いが待っている。笑

日本では、歌舞伎町にあるThe Four Eyedで手に入れる。さすが!

carne= meat bollente= to boil

This French brand isn’t pushing itself from the “taboo” angle, and instead markets itself as a fun casual-wear brand, and even more so, one that is extremely inclusive to all creeds and sexual orientations. Are you lesbian? Gay? There’s a sexy scene for you. Are you dark skinned, or interracial? There’s a sexy scene for you too. What if you’re a ginger? Heck, there’s even one for you!

The brand is landing on Japan’s shores for the first time, and it will be interesting to see if it can sneak in there through the cute and kawaii angle, much like the lot of adult anime does. In fact, if sex is cute and harmless looking, it is often welcomed with open arms in Japan, which makes me think that most will see this as quite novel and cool. Of course, the Department stores are already keeping their space due to compliance rules.

But you can still get your own at The Four Eyed in Tokyo’s Kabukicho (where else?!), and make sure to voice which “scene” best fits you.


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