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スタイルブック!白黒ワードローブの可能性 Chase the black & white dream

New York - Brooklyn


TIME: 3:50pm
THEME: 白黒ワードローブの可能性~In the pursuit of a B&W dream~





そういえば、今回着ている服、カルバンクラインはNYコレクションを生で見る最後のチャンス!木曜日17日14:00 (日本時間金曜日深夜3時。夜型はどうぞw)

New York is such a “hustle or die trying” type of city, that it’s no wonder I don’t see the type of imaginative Tokyo outfits that might get in the way of someone crossing that finish line first. It’s still a city that makes success-worthy clothing de rigeur, and it doesn’t care if that means doing it in a blazer with sneakers. Sportswear and Nike is what our forefathers founded the country on, after-all.

This time I am on the longest and most dizzying trip of my life, so I am forced to be on a mission to make a wardrobe last as long as possible. For this, I’ve chosen lots of black and white. With a little mixing of texture, patterns, or switching up accessories, I might be able to fool everyone around me. I’ve got some basket-weave texture (check), some rather classed-up sporty socks (check) and a rather unique derby hat (check. But this will only be able to make an appearance once).

I thought I was doing so well, when a colleague asked me point-blank, “When did you turn to wearing all black and white all the time?”

Well you see…It’s time for lil bit o’ success.

New York - Brooklyn

Calvin Klein Misha Janette NY 13

New York - Brooklyn

New York - Brooklyn

New York - Brooklyn


トップス Top: Calvin Klein Platinum
スカート Skirt: Calvin Klein Platinum
クラッチ Clutch: Medusa
イヤカフスBone Ear Cuff: Geraldine
ハットHat: …that hat shop in Ura-hara

Photos: Rafael Yuji Matsuura

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