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パラキスなど、アナスイが7つの漫画とコラボ!Anna Sui Paradise Kiss manga collab!

Anna Sui Paradise kiss wallet  みなさん懐かしの漫画が!そう、お財布化されているの。UNICOやベルサイユの薔薇のリアル衣装バッグなども登場している?!ギャグ品に見えるかもしれないけど、ジョークじゃありません。、もうすぐアナスイから発売される立派なアイテムです!!

That’s an Anna Sui Paradise Kiss wallet, just rub your eyes to make sure you’re not seeing anything.

Look at all of these cute little bags and tschochkes. If you aren’t from Japan then you might dismiss them as just being any ol’ kawaii characters,  but let me tell you this is BIG. These are some of the biggest manga in Japanese history… think Fraggle Rock, Betty Boop, Jem and Secret of Nimh-level beloved. And they are being immortalized in accessories as a collaboration with Anna Sui. And while these cartoon collabs are a dime a dozen these days, this one is dare I say— really, really well done.



実はパラダイスキスは海外でもとても人気があるので、おそらく大ヒットすじゃない?もっと最高にするなら少女革命ウテナも入れてほしかった(わがま)でもま、ベルサイユの薔薇の衣装に似てるから満足いくか! 一部の価格もでているからご覧あれ。今からお金貯めないと!! 


The collaboration will go on sale at a special pop up shop at Laforet from May 15 to the 28. There are 7 manga total that Anna Sui is collaborating with- can you guess them all?

The only way to make this collaboration more perfect is if it included Shojo Kakumei Utena (although it’s very similar to that amazing Rose of Versailles bag). See prices below and start saving your money now!

anna sui manga Rose of Versailles bag


 Anna Sui Manga Unico wallet
Wallet 各¥26,000(税抜) (same as Paradise Kiss)anna-sui-manga-08
eye ポーチ ¥7,900(税抜)
bubble Speech 各¥8,800(税抜)
anna-sui-manga-10  anna-sui-manga-03
トートバッグ 各¥19,000(税抜) anna-sui-manga-04
トートバッグ 各¥19,000(税抜) anna-sui-manga-05



■抽選で素敵なプレゼントが当たる「#annasui7manga SNS キャンペーン」実施

Available at Laforet Harajuku 1st Floor Contena Space (near the stairs) May 15th-28th
Misha Janette
Natsumi Yasuoka
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