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Are you Stan enough? Adidas Stan Smith re-launch party, Tokyo.◎オリジナルのオリジナル、スタンスミスの復刻ローンチパーティ


There is absolutely no doubt about it, the world is a sneakerhead. From the streets, to couture, and back to the streets, I think the fashion pack is going to be split into two gangs this year: are you stan or not? 

Perhaps that’s why the re-release of the Adidas original signature tennis shoe, the “Stan Smith” is making such a deafening buzz. Suddenly, sneakers are the hottest thing around.

世界規模のスニーカー旋風がきてる。 ストリートからクチュールへ。最近のファッション界はもう1度ストリートに注目しようっていう流れがあるけど、今年はふたつのグループに別れるんじゃないかなとミーシャは思う:ヒールファッショニスタとスニーカーファッショニスタ/


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The Stan Smith release came this month, and reports are that they’ve sold out of the first run. It was launched with a white model featuring three colors on the back and in the details. A suede version will follow next, with another with an “oil slick” texture Stan in February, one with “lemons” patterned on it in April, and some wedges for the ladies in April too. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from wearing the original. Pheobe Philo of Celine wore them for her runway show, and Gisele Bundchen posed basically naked in them for French Vogue.



Celebrating the release was a launch party held in Tokyo at the new hot spot “Creme de la Creme” on the bleeding edge of Harajuku. Thre was a projection mapping performance of three dancers having their way with boxes and Stans, with electric music and technicolor visuals following their every move. 

Completely packed with the fashion industry, from designers to models, it seemed everyone had a pair of Adidas sneakers in their closet.  Fans of the Stan Smith could get their photo taken in the “Stan Yourself” booth. A customization is available where you can have your face printed on the shoe tongue, in lieu of tennis star Stan Smith’s own mug.

 スタンスミス復刻を祝うパーティが開かれたのは、原宿で最近注目を集めている”Creme de la Creme”。そこにはプロジェクションマッピングがあって、エレクトリックな音楽に合わせて踊る三人のスタンスミスを履いたダンサーを忠実にテクニカルな映像が追うっていうおもしろいパフォーマンスがみれた。

 デザイナーもモデルもファッション業界人で賑やかな場となった!スタンスミス愛好家は”Stan Yourself”っていうブースで撮られた写真をゲットできるよ!ベロにあるスタンスミスの顔で、自分の顔をプリントするっていうカスタマイズもできちゃう!


Me and model Sayo


Illustrator P-chan and SHIMA hair artist Yuya Nara




Designer Keita Maruyama, me and DRESSCAMP designer Iwaya Toshikazu


Thanks to Ryan Chan for the pic~


There’s clothing and more Stan Smith collabs and models coming out all the time, but exclusivity is key and they are cheap enough to buy more than one at once so keep your eye out.






 -Misha Janette
-Asst Natsumi Yasuoka

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