Swarovski Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

9BijouxCloud 世界中のパーツを集めて作るMIXスタイルジュエリー。Get on the miniature “nostalgie” train with 9BijouxCloud


東京ファッションウィーク中、ショー とショーの間を縫って合同展示会をチェックしに行った。

どんなにタイトスケジュールでも必ず行きたいと思うのは、お世話になっているブランド、応援してるブランドに”say hello”しに行くためだけではない。


今日紹介したいのは、アクセサリブランド9BijouxCloud。身につける、全ての人にとって毎日が〝cloud 9〟(パイロット達の使う言葉で、〝ウキウキ〟〝最高にハッピー〟を表現した言葉) になるように…という思いを込めたブランド名だそうだ。トランクショーではこのブランドの前で、自然と足が止まり、手が商品に伸びていた…。

It goes without saying that with days packed full of fashion shows and writing up reports, Fashion Week is B-U-S-Y. But even so, there are many brands that opt for exhibitions instead of throwing a lavish runway presentation, and many of them are brands that I support and want to keep up with. So then it becomes a mad rush to get to the location, even if the tight schedule means that the actual time I can spend in one is just 5 minutes. Peeping in and giving that “hello!” is just as valuable as all the time in the world.

And going into one brand’s exhibit, often means another will be exhibiting in the same space. And this is how I can come into contact with so many new, interesting brands. And today, I`ll be introducing you to a fun brand I recently got to know, 9BijouxCloud.




9BijouxCloudについては、クリスタルブログでも取り上げてます。もう少しこのブランドについて知りたい方は飛んでいただくとノスタルジックな解説が読めます。笑 ぜひ合わせてどうぞ!

I was in my usual panic rush at one such exhibits, when some miniature Ritz Crackers boxes caught my eye and I was stopped in my tracks. A wave of nostalgia…and curiosity came over me like a wave. A wave of fluffy, white clouds. The name is a play on the term “Cloud 9”, which we all know means being in euphoria (side note: there isn’t a clear origin for this term, but apparently cloud type no. 9 were the biggest, fluffiest ones and those are apparently happier than flat ones).

9BijouxCloud takes kitsch, nostalgic food packages like Milo and even Toblerone and recreates them in pendant sizes, pairing them with both real and imitation crystals. Each collection is different, so sometimes there are small chairs, or fine china teacups, or dishes…

Designer Emiko Hori says she picks up the parts at markets around the world, and so many of her pieces are one-offs and can’t be recreated. The quality is as high as the cumulus on these, as she pairs them with real Swarovski crystals and glass, and she’s been picked up by WuT Berlin in Aoyama starting this season. If you’re not in town, you can see some of her goods online, and see more pics at the Swarovski Crystal Blog as well. Happy floating!

9BijouxCloud HP

9BijouxCloud Online Store

9BijouxCloud instagram






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