Here’s a little story.

When you are trying out a new language, there are different stages to learning. I call it the discovery of “shameful naivete”. In my case, I started out learning conversational Japanese, and was pretty damned happy to just be able to say “My name is Misha” and “I love shrimp tempura”. At this stage I declared, “I will never use keigo [polite Japanese], NEVER! I don’t need it! It’s dumb!”. I probably sounded like a thug when speaking to teachers at school and should have been thrown in jail. So the first level is pitiful ignorance. This is the happiest time, so if you’re wafting about here, enjoy the bliss!

The second level is depression, when you hit your glass ceiling and realize you know NOTHING. Everyone may *say* “you’re so jouzu!” but you and I know that can’t be true 100% of the time. You start to study. And you learn a hell of a lot. You sound better. But you’re still talking like an 8-year old. And you get treated like one.

You realize studying alone isn’t going to do squat. At this point whatever you need you will learn in practice in the real world. Your skill grows up, it goes through puberty and overconfidence sometimes makes situations awkward (Remember, sarcasm is called “American Joke” in Japanese. Careful with it…Don’t sound like an @$$). But you learn control, and it matures to full-grown conversational prowess. Rowr. 

And then, 10 years later, you realize you’ve been saying the kanji for “house” totally wrong this WHOLE time (ya? ga? ke?). Or you’ve been writing your %$&#”! *numbers* wrong (there’s a “Japanese” way to write the number 6) . Oi bei.
So what is my point? My point is, that I am still learning so much everyday. I am not an expert on Japanese language. What I *am* is an expert in Japanese fashion, and even here too, I am still learning crazy, seemingly basic stuff ALL the time. It’s both frustrating and exciting.









tsukikageya 7th anniversayparty


I discovered a new shop the other day, one that I really think is amazing. And just like language, I had thought I knew everything. But I realize I had just hit my own glass ceiling, and there is still SO much more out there.
This shop is called “Tsuki-kageya” and it is in Yoyogi-koen, one stop past Harajuku on the Chiyoda line. I stepped in with only 15 minutes to spare, because it is just a few minutes from my office and I heard they were having a special party. I had *heard* of this place before, but just never bothered to study up on it. Actually, I still don’t know a whole lot about it. Right now, I am in the ignorant blissful stage so I will just share my giddy naivete with everyone like a kitten taking a swipe at a crow.



(They’re well connected in the cool-kids scene. Nara Yuuya 2nd from right modeling new yukata)

 I was taken aback immediately upon entering… all of those intriguing yukata!


mahjonng rings

 Mahjong rings


punk tenugui

Tenugui cloths with original Tsukikageya prints.


python geta

Python geta sandals.


tokyo tower obi

tsukageya swarovski obi

Retro printed and iced out obis.  


yukata tsukikageya

 Punkish, defiant prints. This isn’t your obaachan’s (grandma’s) yukata.


porn yukata

 Yep, it’s a print of old school Japanese porn.


natsuki san

A little get together for the party. On the right is Natsuki san, the manager. If you are a regular customer and she likes you, she may invite you to the after-hour bar time where you get to meet some interesting characters. So much better than a golden-gai bar!


hair accessories

Accessories made of silk, but which look like hair. Paging Sadako to aisle 9.. 


open everyday

It was their 7th(!!) anniversary.


They are open, so come check it out. I will be.



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