Yasutoshi Ezumi本格的デビューコレクション。秋冬2011年の『シークレット・・』とは?

Yasutoshi Ezumi is both the unluckiest and luckiest Japanese designer this season. His bad luck comes from the fact that his new namesake brand’s debut on the Japan Fashion Week runway was canceled due to the earthquake. He was chosen to be one of three participants in the SHINMAI Creator’s fashion show, which means that as a new designer his show was to be sponsored and see a whole lot of media attention on the opening day of Japan Fashion Week. That was canceled, and so were his chances of being able to make a splash with a huge fashion show that would be difficult to finance alone.

But his great fortune comes from the fact that his designs are incredible and he appears to have a wealth of talent which has captured the attention of the media anyway. Me included! When something is good, it’s good. He experiments with construction and shape, such as in the hand-knit chunky scarves and the perfect LBD (little-black-dress) with origami details on the bust.

I saw his collection once, and came straight back the next day to try on this show-stopping dress made from a basket weave.





misha tries on yasutoshi ezumi

see more about Ezumi below  |  続きで詳しくご覧下さい

Ezumi has worked for Alexander McQueen, Aquascutum, Danielle Scutt and Tsumori Chisato. You’ll see the scarves in laser-cut details in neutral colors that are incredibly easy to style into your wardrobe.









knit ezumi



chunky knit by yasutoshi ezumi



laser cut



origami dress



Ezumi is inspired by geometry and mathematics and his themes run deep.





[ Secret Code Fractal]


The meaning of “Secret Code” has a wide range of physical notions and definitions.

For example, the Golden ratio, spiral ,  Fibonacci numbers, Geometry…The main idea for this season is lies in the Fractal division.

Fractal is “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts,each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole,”a property called self-similarity.

I translate these notions and definitions into fashion and textile design.


really long train



misha in ezumi and ema

This skull necklace is by ema, a great accessories brand that I will introduce a little bit later.




Time to hone your fashion eye; what at first may appear to be designs that are too-edgy-for-the-average-person, are in fact incredibly easy to wear. This skirt below is INCREDIBLE. Sexy but conservative. Mature but youthful. What do you think? I hope it becomes available for customers to pick it up.




-Misha Janette
Edits by Megumi Ishimura
Photo sources: ©JapanFashion Week Org. &

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