The world’s first high-fashion consumer wig brand “Plumb” exists. As. Of. Now. 

How do I know it’s the world’s first? Because I have been looking for something like it FOREVER.
And when I couldn’t get it, I decided to make one myself. Isn’t that how the best ideas get started? And I didn’t want to be a brand “producer” on this, with very little control. I wanted full control. So I established my own company, Totteoki Inc. last September, and Plumb is the first brand to be born from it. After a long 9 months the wait is finally over and I am ready to launch the brand at the same time as I launch the website, as well as launching the *online shop*, all at the same time!
名前ばかりの”プロデュース”商品にはしたくない。だからこそ自身の会社”Totteoki Inc.”を昨年9月に設立し、その第一弾としてPlumbを作ったのです。会社設立から9ヶ月、私の全精力をかけて発足にむけ試行錯誤を繰り返し、ついにブランドのローンチ及びウェブサイト、オンラインショップの開始を果たしました。

Now, I am quite aware that “wigs” and “high fashion” might sound like an oxymoron. Except that it’s not. Not at all. After all, everyone in this industry already rocks wigs and extensions and other synthetic trickery all the freaking time.
Let’s see….wigs in magazine editorials? Yes. Celebrities on the red carpet? Yes. Runway fashion shows? YES, YES, YES.

In fact, the last one is quite funny… because the hair trends from the fashion weeks are plucked off the runway and then chronicled in the pages of fashion and beauty magazines, aimed at consumers like you and me to try and imitate them… but most of those were created with wigs anyway! And they are not so easy to recreate unless you have perfect blank-canvas hair.
So, I say those hairstyles should be achievable, even if it means putting on that style as if it were an accessory.
Ta-da!! And now that is what Plumb is. An accessories brand where the main product happens to be cool, fashion-forward wigs.
But it’s not just for me. Plumb is for anyone who follows fashion trends and believes in his or her own individuality. They are models who cannot afford to change their hairstyles up, they are fashion industry and creative types who like to experiment with their style, they are working men and women who like to dress up when work is over. And they are stylists and celebrities looking for a quick fix.


I also wanted them to be affordable, but still high-quality like fashion fans expect. So each wig is within reach, priced the same as one hair cut + color at a good salon at 23,800 yen or 25,800 yen (and if you’re in NYC a good cut+color would cost twice that, I know). They are also all made by hand. AND! Because to me individuality is very important, I only made 30 of each style to sell.
The first collection #001 consists of 6 styles for men and women. Inspired by the candy-colored highlights and ombre trends of 2012, I wanted to design the wigs to feature colors that are very difficult and expensive to achieve naturally… but while still keeping colors safe enough to not tip into “party wig” territory. No, these are certainly safe enough for day-wear as well as night-wear. 
I have been testing them for a year now and while I like to let my hair go free when I can, I love how I look in perfectly coiffed, shiny hair. Confidence definitely gets a boost, I cannot lie! It’s also so much fun to play with my style daily….and not just my clothes. I have hair past my chest…it is incredibly long and thick…and all it takes is a net and it all fits inside. And it takes less than 5 minutes!! Way less time than to actually “do” my real hair. 
Ok, so now that I’ve talked it up, you might wonder where to get it.
I want it to be available everywhere around the world. I know it’s not fair and how frustrating it is to want something and not be able to get it because it’s only in a physical shop in a different city or country. So I put a lot of effort into developing a really nice online shop here. Since there are only 30 pieces each, I want to make them available on a first-come-first-serve basis to *anyone*. 
Now that the site and online shop are ready to go, I can focus on all of the exciting collaborations coming up!! If you want to work with me, please contact me as I am always open to enthusiastic collaborators.
As for all of the stylists/editors/models reading this, I *do* lease for shoots and events! It’s an accessory…accessorize with it! Any questions on leasing please contact
I dreamt for years and years that I would have a brand of my own. I never thought it would be wigs, and I understand it’s a rather….unique….genre to dabble in, but I thank everyone for their support thus far and I can’t wait for the day when there hundreds or Plumb styles to choose from so EVERYONE is satisfied.
Much love, and viva your dreams!
そしてスタイリスト/エディター/モデルの方、撮影やイベントの際に使いたいという方にはリースも行っているのでお気軽にご相談下さい!連絡先は contact@plumb-world.comへ!
More info coming soon… 追加情報はいろいろあるのでお付き合いください! (English) (日本語)
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