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 Back for the December issue of Numero TOKYO I was in a segment that saw the Numero crew following me to my favorite Tokyo shops and observing my shopping prowess….the whole thing has now been made available online at Yahoo’s X-brand website!

The most pleasantly surprising thing about this online version is the introduction added to it…proclaiming me a “Tokyo ‘it’-girl”!!


But, but, but, “it” girls get agents, product deals entourages! No agent here, and my entourage is a closet full of clothes (That I bought. Not like they don’t enjoy my company…probably). Just call me enterprising ….under the radar (seriously).  *self- efface, self-efface, self-efface*

The six stores I visited were Xanadu, Kika Style, Too Much, DOG Harajuku, Alcatrock and Harcoza.  If you don’t know them, then please do click through and check out the photos and their websites (under the store title at the top of the page). See the feature here.

Thank you to Numero Tokyo and X-brand.


しかも、これに加えた紹介文書にとても驚きました。”東京発イット・ガール”と。私?まさか!嬉しい!!! でもイットガールと言えばセレブの娘やモデルとか、とにかく有名人を目指して事務所に入ったりするとかのようなイメージですが、私は単に一人でぼやーっと前へ進んでる感じだけなのです。ニュータイプかも。ww  


サンキュー to ヌメロ東京&X-brand!! それでは、ぼやーっとした良い週末を!

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