Luxury Japanese lingerie by Wacoal DIA for 2015


The culture of women’s fashion varies across borders far and wide, but whether you’re a girl in Paris or Phuket there’s one thing we all need just the same: bras and underwear. But when it comes to the approach taken to designing and selling these delicates…. well THAT is where the divides are as vast as the oceans. I’ve already talked about “mote-kei” (pretty style) and how sex appeal is different in Japan. But just how different? From functional common sense to how they are showing off (or not) to the opposite sex…let’s check in with the upper echelons of Japanese lingerie this time to see.



dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

先日、ワコールの最高級ライン、WACOAL DIA 銀座店で行われた新作展示会へお邪魔してきた。実際にワコールディアに着くまで、想像していたのはセクシーなガーターベルトやシルク、サテン、コルセットをつけた豊満なマネキンが思わせぶりなポーズをとって中へ誘っている…。でもそれは海外の高級ランジェリー系のイメージで、たとえばラ・ペルラの東京店はその通りだから。


I was perusing the new bras and panties at the “Wacoal DIA”  Ginza store, Japan’s only answer to luxury lingerie labels a la “La Perla”. I expected garter belts, silk, satin, corsets, and voluptuous mannequins in suggestive poses. After all, that’s exactly what’s beckoning from the windows of La Perla, which I had passed by just two doors down from DIA.

But inside DIA, they had created a setting of an icy winter forest for the upcoming season, with a scattering of incredibly demure skirts and tops in tulle and embroidery. No mannequins were trying to jump my bones and there wasn’t a garter belt in sight. But still, this is top-of-the-line luxury lingerie, and if they aren’t making my assets look…expensive, then what’s the point?

bra set by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015






I asked this question straight to the Wacoal DIA creative director Atsuko Kamio since there was no point in beating around the bush (*cough*).

“Our lingerie is not necessarily meant to be worn only once on just a special occasion. Our luxury is found in the techniques and the textiles we’ve invented.” True to couture form, she said they have a very small group of artisans who only make a few of each piece in an atelier in Kyoto.

She showed off a simple blouse with a secret panel on the inside, so even after a meal the stomach won’t show (room for dessert!!). Then she showed me a little triangle bra with a cup made of lace. “Small-chested women see those little cloth triangle bras on big chested women but don’t want to wear so much padding all the time. I developed this with strategic panels so it creates the illusion of cleavage but is extremely thin.”

Atsuko was very enthusiastic about all of her designs and techniques for getting women to stay away from the “cupcake” bras that permeate the Japanese lingerie market. I’m not Japanese, but I’m going to appreciate the attention to having a god-given smaller frame.

blouse by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015







“We don’t do those cupcake bras. But we also do NOT sell nude-colored bras. I promise we are not a brand for old ladies!” She grabbed a super chic black and white bra with lace appliqué that just BARELY covered the nipples. “This bra gives you lots of cleavage but also lets your boobs jiggle a lot when you move!” She laughed.

She reminded me DIA only makes items that are 100% washable.

Good! I thought. Because if I`m spending ¥26,000 on the most stylish jiggle bra in the world then being washable sounds like GD common sense (I’d wear it till it falls apart).


push up lace bra by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015






Another point to DIA is that their lingerie is often designed as clothing; meant to be worn to cocktail hours as a dress or even to lunch. She told me they were designed to show off skin…but not go overboard so as to keep its wearer and those around her comfortable. “Your sexuality is yours. You can decide to show it off how you want, and our lingerie and clothes gives you the option to be sexy without inviting everyone into it,” Kamio said.


lookbook of  Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015



DIA というラインがワコールにあったことを、今知った方も大勢居るかもしれない。私も全然詳しくなかった。でも、実際すごい人気で、発売前に予約で完売してし まう程、常に予約リストはいっぱい状態だそう。オンライン販売もしていないため、手に入れるのがちょっと難しいという面もある。早いもん勝ちだから、「森 の音」をテーマにした最新コレクションを写真で紹介するのでチェックしてみてね。店頭に並ぶ前にここで目星を付けておいて、発売されたらすぐゲットしにい くべし。DIAによってつくられた美しいおっぱいで”愛”をゲット出来たら、少し高いブラだってチャラになるかも。

Even though you and I may be learning about this lingerie line for the first time, this stuff is extremely popular. I`m talking waiting-list, sold-out-before-it’s-released popular. And like designer labels it’s not online either. So as convenient as they are for wearing, it’s a little difficult to get your hands on. Still, you can check out the newest collection “The sound of the Forest” below before it starts to hit stores this summer and get in on it first. Maybe your breasts will pay you back for the love someday.

lookbook for Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

 Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA installation for 2015

couture dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

nightgown dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

ballerina dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

red dresses by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

camouflage dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

embroidered dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

dress by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

bra and panties by Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal DIA for 2015

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