virgine magazine debuts

There’s a new magazine in town, and it’s saccharine sweet title is a purposeful misnomer for the intelligent, edgy contents inside. The fashion director is none other than top Japanese high-fashion stylist Hissa Igarashi, who was an assistant under the amazing Joe McKenna before going independent 4 years ago in New York.

The first issue is also available for free to download in .PDF format, and I took a look at it as soon as it was released. Mostly styled by Igarashi himself, I was thinking that despite being an indies magazine, the editorials were a little too soft and restrained for me…until I came to the following brilliant work.

Chuckle at the irony of product placement, and oogle at the iPad dress. You know you’re going to be seeing a lot more iterations of this idea, and as a huge fan of technology+fashion I`m all for it’s exploration! The other photos are fun as well. Observe:


ある新しい雑誌の話ね。その雑誌の砂糖のように甘ったるいタイトルは、分かる人には分かるようにあえて不適切につけられていて、中にはエッジーなコンテンツが満載なの。ファッションディレクターは他でもない、日本のハイファッション界のトップスタイリストHissa Igarashi氏。彼はニューヨークであのJoe Mckennaのもとでアシスタントをしていて、4年前に独立したの。

記念すべき第1号はPDFで無料ダウンロードもできるということで私も発売されるやいなやチェックしてみた。ほとんどのスタイリングはIgarashi氏本人が手掛けていたんだけど、始め私は “インディーズマガジンだとしてもちょっとソフトで控えめすぎなんじゃない?” なんて思ってた。でも次の瞬間この素晴らしい作品に目を奪われたの!!


virgine magazine editorial by issa igaraishi


virgine magazine editorial by issa igaraishi iPad dressvirgine magazine editorial by issa igaraishi motorcycle dressvirgine magazine editorial by issa igaraishi candy
tide detergent dress in Virgine magazine

Virgine is available at bookstores and online.


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