XANADU 版! 中国のユースカルチャー誌『YOHO』連載で東京のクールなピーポルとショップを巡ろー!

xanadu for yoho


While dressing in crazy Harajuku style can be fun, sometimes I want to wear clothes that are cool, more minimalistic and chic. This is when I go to XANADU, a shop that is hidden in the far backstreets of Harajuku and on the 4th floor of a normal apartment building (it weeds out the unmotivated!). Here I can find super underground Japanese brands that look like they came from the pages of V Magazine but still carry a punk air of street fashion. The owner is Tatsuro Motohashi, who once worked as director of legendary Tokyo shop Ace before it closed over 6 years ago. He turned his fashionable eye to sleek, modern Japanese brands and opened XANADU where he is both owner/buyer/press and is in his shop everyday. For our YOHO Magazine shoot, we were joined by the young designers of many of the items in the shop, each with their own unique personal taste. But the coolest of them all is the owner Tatsuro Motohashi who always looks sharp and cool every single day. He has a blog on Dropsnap that is followed by avid fans of his minimal style. 



 misha xanadu

motohashi xanadu


Name: Tatsuro Motohashi

Age: 30


DROP SNAP (droptokyo)、 CHANGE FASHION (changefashion.net)など

 *Please give your personal style a name
→Traditional & chic


クラシック & シック (クラ+シック?)

*How pieces of clothing do you have at your house?


*How long does it take you to get pretty in the morning?
→30 mins


*How long have you been running XANADU and why did you start here?
→At first I wanted to start a shop for dressy men and I called upon the cool designers from around me here in Tokyo that I knew and started the shop. This was 3 years ago.

当初はメンズのドレスアップスタイルを提案するお店がやりたいと考えており、知り合いの才能ある日本人デザイナー達に声を掛け、3年前XANADU TOKYOはスタートしました。

*What’s your role at the store?
→Sales/PR/Running the store


*Tell me about some cool things that have happened while you worked here.

1.)There are so many things that happen everyday… but the biggest for me is when I happen to get to meet the coolest people who come in like designers, stylists, journalists, etc. Most of these people then bring me new projects and business and so it’s all connected.

2.)I love it when the designers who start out with me get bigger and more famous and then add more stores to their lineup. Watching them grow and knowing that I got to have a hand in it makes me so pleased…it’s one thing I always wanted to achieve when I opened this store.

3)When I introduced a young ESMOD student to Shiseido and they used their design in one of their commercials. Getting to make that connection between big corporations and young designers they would otherwise never get to meet is so amazing and above all else.

2.XANADU TOKYOの取り扱いデザイナー達が、素晴らしい媒体に取り上げられ、知名度を上げ、取り扱い店舗を増やしたりしていく事は、何事にも変えられない喜びでもあり、XANADUを立ち上げた当初より実現したかった事でもあります。

*So let’s say you’re being abducted by UFO’s and you can take with you one thing from the shop into space. What would you bring?

ROGGYKEI vinyl clutch bag

ROGGYKEI ビニールクラッチ(その宇宙っぽいから??笑)


Tatsuro Motohashi today’s clothing:
Tops and bottoms: Nyte

“Nyte is a brand I carry in the shop and it’s by a young Japanese designer who does interesting pieces in geometric but minimalistic styles.”

I always imagine Tatsuro in dressy clothes like a black jacket and black pants with a dress shirt…. maybe it’s the first time I`ve seen him dress so casual??! (haha) 


今回、中国の雑誌YOHOの撮影でこちらXANADUにお邪魔してきたのだがその時にも東京で今注目を浴びる若手デザイナーと彼らの作ったアイテムに囲まれたクールな撮影になったのだが、ここでもやはり一番の切れ味を見せてくれたのはタツロウさん本人。いついかなる時にでもシャープでクールな彼は、東京で一番人気のストリートスナップサイトDROP TOKYOでブログも持っており、彼の世界観が反映された日記は多くのフォロワーを生んでいる。


Misha: タツロウさんといえば、ブラックジャケットにブラックパンツ、それにドレスシャツみちなドレッシーな格好をしているイメージだから今日は比較的カジュアルですね笑

YOHO is the primo fashion and culture magazine for discerning Chinese in their 20s. When I was given the column, my idea was to go to some of Tokyo’s best shops loved by the street fashion aristocracy and talk to the cool girls and boys there about their style. In Japan, it is not unusual for a shop sales person to become a mini celebrity, with some of them being singled out and given their own brand. In the street scene, these people are the heroes, the leaders, and the are having fun and experimenting with style-.


xanadu everyone

Today we had the designer family together for our photoshoot! Let me introduce you to them…some of them are famous in the street fashion scene in Tokyo themselves. 


maiko asami

 Black Triangle Design
Designer: Maiko Asami
Q: “What inspires your designs?”
A: “It’s inspired by underground culture, music, and a mix of high and low fashion”


Black Triangle Design
デザイナー:Maiko Asami


yu osegi


Designer: Yu Osegi
Q: “How were you able to get your brand sold at Xanadu?”
A: “I was a big fan of Motohashi when he still worked at Ace. When he opened this shop I immediately asked him to carry my brand until he finally relented (laugh)” 

デザイナー:Yu Osegi



Designer: Keiko Miyakoshi and Hitoshi Korogi
Q: “What’s your favorite place to hang out in Tokyo?”
A: “Well we are from Osaka so we don’t get to visit a lot, but when we are in Tokyo we go to the nightclub 2 chome district in Shinjuku. The mix of people from everywhere is really interesting.”

デザイナー:Keiko Miyakoshi、Hitoshi Korogi


tomo koizumi

 Tomo Koizumi:
Q: “How did you become a designer?”
A: “I wanted to be a stylist actually, but a dress I made was snapped on a girl and put on Dropsnap. Suddenly I got phone calls from Xanadu and Garter (Kitakore) wanting to sell my designs. Now I`m a designer! (laughs)”

Tomo Koizumi:


nick needles

Nick Needles
Designer: Kenta Takahashi
Q: “Why did you start your own brand?”
A: “I couldn’t find any big main brands that I thought were cool enough for me to work for them. So I started my own brand. I want it to be a revolution!”

Nick Needles
デザイナー:Kenta Takahashi



Designer: Kento Nagashima
Q: “What makes your brand special?”
A: “I use bag enclosures, snaps and rings on my accessories. This way it makes them look really high-end when in fact they are more street wear and casual than luxury brands. I like that mix” 


デザイナー:Kento Nagashima



roggykei designs

misha janette

Photos by Mami Tanabeだよ 

Today I felt like getting into “mode” with a high-end style mixed with Tokyo POP. I like to shop at Xanadu because I know that every single designer is local and if I ever have a problem with anything…or if I
want to make a special request, I can ask Motohashi-san to put me in touch directly with the designer. If I ever need to shop for an outfit for a magazine or TV shoot and I have no time, I just go to Xanadu because I always know Ican find something right away.

So please go and check out XANADU. I *still* meet fashion people who haven’t been there/heard of it before. Get. There. Pronto!





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