CANDY版! 中国のユースカルチャー誌『YOHO』連載で東京のクールなピーポルとショップを巡ろー!

yoho for candy

YOHO is the primo fashion and culture magazine for discerning Chinese in their 20s. When I was given the column, my idea was to go to some of Tokyo’s best shops loved by the street fashion aristocracy and talk to the cool girls and boys there about their style. In Japan, it is not unusual for a shop sales person to become a mini celebrity, with some of them being singled out and given their own brand. In the street scene, these people are the heroes, the leaders, and the are having fun and experimenting with style-here’s a look at them and their shops.

Edition #4 CANDY



CANDY may perhaps be the most seminal street wear shop in Shibuya now, but lest we forget; it had far more humble beginnings in Shinjuku’s Ni-chome district as a black sheep of the retail scene before it’s current uber success. CANDY, you’ve come a long way, baby. And so have some of it’s coolest employees like Yana-kun (Shogo) who has become the face of the shop and also runs many of its most conceptual events and collaborations that the store has become known for and including Detto K who YOHO picked up here. He not only runs the register but is also designing a few pieces now that you may spot if you come into the shop…look for the spazzy hand-painted leather jackets. They are not to be missed!

今や渋谷はおろか、東京を代表する影響力のあるショップとして名を欲しいままにしているCANDY。その始まりは、新宿の二丁目の小さなショップだったことを知っている人はどれほどいるだろうか(?!)。その人気の秘密は、その幅広いセレクトももちろんだがそこで働く個性的なスタッフの影響も大きく関係していることを忘れてはならない。ショップの顔ヤナ君ことヤナギさんはコンセプチュアルなイベントやコラボでいつも楽しませてくれる。他にも今回YOHOでフィーチャーしたDETTO Kこと出戸君は、最近最高にクールなレザージャケットの製作に力を入れているようで作品はショップでも見られるので、足を運んだ際には是非チェックしてみて!


detto k for candy

DETTO Kazuma (“Detto K”)
Age 24

*Please give your personal style a name
→ Traditional [ed.: obviously “delusional” ;p ] 

→CANDYトラディショナル (!!)

*How pieces of clothing do you have at your house?


*How long does it take you to get pretty in the morning?
→ 15 mins 


*How long have you worked for Candy and why did you start here?
→ I got this job as soon as I moved into Tokyo… I don’t know how I got it, but I just did.  


*What’s your role at the store?
→ I`m a shop assistant [ed.: He’s a pretty popular DJ and now designer as well] 

→店頭アルバイト (CANDY外ではDJ/designerとしても人気がすごく高まってます!)

*Tellme about some cool things that have happened while you worked here.
→ The Michael Jackson This is It costume designer has come in a few times.
→ A lot of the western music artists I love and play in the shop end up coming in to shop and we get to hang out. [ed. recently RIHANNA was in there] 

→1.MICHAEL JACKSON-THIS IS ITのコスチュームデザイナーが何回も来た
→2.好きな海外アーティストの曲を店でかけていたら本人が来て仲良くなった (最近はリーアナも!)

*So let’s say you’re being abducted by UFO’s and you can take with you one thing from the shop into space. What would you bring?
→ This ALEX MATTSSON leather jacket. It lights up green which is pretty spacey so I would fit right in. 

→ALEX MATTSSONのレザーバイカージャケット ”グリーン色のライトアップは宇宙っぽくてかっこいいから”

misha janette in yoho at candy

I am more of a no pain no gain type when it comes to the coolest fashion, but I could see why the slouchy look is so popular here….it’s pretty damn comfortable! The sweater I wore is by a Japanese designer called ONDEV.

私はどっちかというと、”おしゃれ・イズ・我慢派”だけれど、やっぱこういうオーバーサイズのシルエットは東京で人気の理由はわかった。。。着心地が良いもん。笑 スエーターは日本発のブランドONDEVの作品。

kawala glasses

Nana-Nana, Kawala, AMBUSH.

teenage mutant ninja turtles the brain ring

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles designer ring: BRAIN.

candy interior shibuya tokyo

candy outside

Neon pink paint “drips” cover the ceiling, much like the shop’s logo that seems to be melting from it’s own ranking on the city’s HOT meter. The clothes are a mix of Tokyo punk, cyber, street, cute and cartoon-something for the whole Shibuya-indigenous family.It also carries some of Tokyo’s most iconic non-icon underground stable erratic brands we’ve grown to love, like Balmung, Runurunu, SHINe, and more every season.

And while the shop may be in the more commercial district of Shibuya now, I hear the alley it’s on can sometimes get a bit gritty… so you know, it’s keeping it’s street cred in check. See it at